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Upcoming Forum - Academic Year 2017-18

Kindness Matters (Series I) 
Entrepreneurial Way to Combat Social Exclusion   

To make a living, we succeed by what we get. To make a life, we succeed by what we give. With venture philanthropy, social entrepreneurs take the latter mindset to heart, aiming to create a business which brings social value rather than personal wealth. How does such a business take innovative steps towards generating social impact while ensuring sufficient financial returns for reinvestment and sustainability? Three well-respected social entrepreneurs, dedicated to alleviating the plight of marginalized groups in society, are invited to share their views and experiences. You will be inspired by their passion and compassion!    

Gigi Chao, Fion Leung, David Begbie, William Du
Date & Time:
26 February 2018 (6:30-9:00pm)
14/F, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building, CityU

Past Forum - Academic Year 2017-18

Sustainable Entrepreneurship 
Unleash the power of your startup

Starting a business is a complex minefield as founders would typically run into a host of hardship. Through discussing and discovering how startups can face up to their rivals in the ever-changing and highly competitive market, this forum aims to share some experiences and advices with those who are or will be facing the hardship in the entrepreneurial process.

Mr. Alvin Lam, 
Mr. Jeff Ng
Date & Time:
7 December, 2017 (6:30-9:00pm)
14/F, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building, CityU

Past Forums - Academic Year 2016-17

The Digital Tsunami
Surviving & Thriving Through Digital Disruption
Mr. Sean Seah, Head of Digital Experience, HK, HSBC 
Mr. Win Mak, CEO, Mirum HK (Part of J.W.Thompson Co. & WPP Family)  
Mr. Alan Yip, Chairman & CEO, Guru Online (Holdings) Limited



Venture Capital vs Entrepreneur
Strategies to raise funding from investors
Mr. Kelvin Chan, Director, Strategy Dev Dept, Fosun Hani Securities Limited
Mr. Paul Pong, Managing Director, Pegasus Fund Managers Limited
Ms. Juliette Gimenez, CEO & Founder, Goxip 



城大工商管理尖端論壇呈獻: 鳳凰衛視世紀大講堂
嚴厚民教授      管理科學講座教授



Navigating the Future of Supply Chain in Hong Kong
Reshaping Logistics Industry through Disruptive Innovations
Mr. Shing-yuk Chow, CEO & Founder, LalaMove
Mr. Benjamin Wong, Head of Transport & Industrial, InvestHK, HKSARG  
Mr. Henry Ko, Managing Director, Flexport Asia Ltd.



FinTech - Benefits, Challenges & Prospects in Hong Kong
Prof. Frank Tong, CEO, ASTRI
Mr. Alex Kong, CEO & Founder, TNG (Asia) Ltd.  
Prof. Ir. Daniel Cheng, Chairman, Federation of Hong Kong Industries 



Mixed Reality Revolution - The Next Big Thing in Marketing
MR is booming and changing the way we see and remember things like never before.
Mr. Deng Hong Chun, Tech leader, 
TMALL Interactive Technology Alliance, Alibaba Group
Mr. Peter Yu, Founder & CEO, JetOne Motions Ltd. 
Mr. Ralph Wong, Director 



Philosophy to Business Success
Making Strategic Decisions in Changing Environment
Dr. Allan Zeman, GBM, GBS, JP 
Chairman, Lan Kwai Fong Group



ArtificiaI Intelligence: 
End of Humanity or The Beginning of A New Era?
Dr. Andy Chun, Asso Prof, Dept of Computer Science, CityU
Mr. Spencer Fung, CEO & Founder, Optix Group 



The Pursuit of New Business Ventures
Breaking through challenges in the start-up process
Mr. Thomas Tsang, Chairman & FounderPâtisserie Les Amis
Mr. Ken Law, CEO & Founder, MotherApp
Mr. Eddie Rong, CEO & Co-Founder, Heycoins
Dr. Francis Cheng, Director, Luxbetter Technology

Powering Business Transformation with Big Data
Mr. Toa Charm, Chief Public Mission Officer, Cyberport  Hong Kong
Mr. Jun Yeung, Founder, Viewider Limited, 
Mr. Henry Lee, Consultant, Titto & Jacobs Consulting



Past Forums

Mr Bernard Chan ( 陳智思 )
Mr Bernard Chan (陳智思)
National People's Congress of China
Mr James Thompson, GBS
Mr James Thompson, GBS
Chairman and Founder
Crown Worldwide Group of Companies
Miss Poman Lo
Miss Poman Lo
Vice Chairman & Executive Director
Century City International Holdings Limited
Mr George Yuen
Mr George Yuen
Independent Non-executive Director
Industrial and Commerical Bank of Chian (Asia) Limited
Professor Myron S. Scholes
Professor Myron Scholes
Board of Economic Advisors of Stamos Capital Management
Frank E. Buck Professor of Finance
Emeritus Stanford University Graduate School of Business