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Alumni Stories

Nicole Yip
BBA Marketing'05


Kenny Mang 
BBA Information Management'18

Live your life to the fullest

Henry Ko

終生學習 城大伴行廿載人生路

Source: CityU ARO

Herbert Chan

發揮小宇宙 把握處處商機

Ka-ho Cheng

成功之道 在於永不放棄

Jennifer Ng

隨心向善 終身學習

Source: CityU ARO

Joey Bow
BBA Accountancy'17

Loving auditing life, a journey of discovery

Lydia Chan
BBA Accountancy'17

Proactive learning is the key

Hanson Chiu
BBA Business Analysis'16

Stanley Choi

默默耕耘二十載 謙虛順心而行

Source: CityU ARO

William Mak
BA Accountancy'91

專業精神步青雲 樂分享助年青人

Source: CityU ARO

Dexter Chan
MSc Business Information Systems'11



Jenny Chan

懂謙卑和慈孝 收獲豐盛人生

Source: CityU ARO

Tony Kwok 

Fighting corruption-the Hong Kong way

Source: City Business Magazine

Dorothy Pang

Notes from the Frontier

Source: City Business Magazine

Gary Cheng

孜孜不倦求上進 不遺餘力樂助人

Source: CityU ARO

Parwani Kunal Prakash
BBA Marketing'10

良師作後盾 逐步攀高峰

Source: CityU ARO

Peter Cheng

目標明確處事細心 視困難挑戰為機遇

Source: CityU ARO

Adam Lee

勤奮不會輸 怕輸不會贏

Source: CityU ARO

Adrian Henriksen
BBA Marketing'17 

Grow in right direction

Miki Chan
BBA Marketing'17

Be bold and act now

Tsz-fung Yip
BBA Management Science'17

Within hitting distance of the top

Source: City Business Magazine

Alexander Law 

一念為善 不患人之不己知

Source: CityU ARO

Albert Lam

推陳出新 以誠信及創意追求突破

Source: CityU ARO

Thomas Liu
MSc Marketing’16

Learning without limits

Ka-ming Lau
BBA Business Economics’16

Never say never

Wilfred Ma
BBA Business Economics'14

Sky as second home

Zoe Wong
BBA Electronic Commerce'13

Hair for the Hopeless, Hope for the Hairless

Jerry Zhang
BBA Electronic Commerce'14

Be bold and think big

Lara Song
MSc Finance'12

Stay hungry, stay foolish

Andrew Fan 
BA Business Studies'88

The University USP

Source: City Business Magazine

Lydiya Huang

A positive change

Danny Fok
BA Business Studies'96

Be flexible, Be global

Mayank Kaul

Committed to success

Source: CityU DBA

Sunny Kok
BA Information Systems'95

迎難而上 樂觀笑看人生起跌 點石成金的手機程式藝術家

Source: CityU ARO

William Yu
BA International Business Studies'95

期盼天晴 憑毅力及創意改變人心 以環保專業扶助弱勢的能源與氣候專家

Source: CityU ARO

Toa Charm

Finding the right macro


Jane Peng

Discovering your inner entrepreneur

Source: City Business Magazine

Alvine Suen

Working from the heart


John Chan

Never giving up

Source: CityUtoday

Haywood Cheung

Into the zone
opportunities opening up in the Pearl River Delta

Source: City Business Magazine

Ke Wang
PhD Accountancy’15

Networking – offline – to land that job

Source: City Business Magazine

Tianyu Wang
BBA Accountancy'17

River, buddhism, vitality

Source: City Business Magazine

Suet Ki Kwan
BBA China Business’15

Dream high, serve low

Source: City Business Magazine

Jessica Pan
MSc Business Information Systems'14

Life as a Gang Piao


Walter Lau
BBA Service Operations Management'12

Triumph in the skies


Victor Chang

My MBA journey at CityU

Source: CityU MBA 

Joseph Yim

Ever learning


Kim Chan
BBA China Business'14

On the fast track


Carol Yao
MSc Business Information Systems'12

The positive life


Francis Lee
BBA China Business'13

Unexpected path to entrepreneurship


Square Chan
BBA China Business'13

Driving the family business into a new era


Summer Zhang

Why I chose CityU MBA

Source: CityU MBA

Helen Bao
PhD Management Sciences'04

Cambridge: a cautious embrace

Source: City Business Magazine

James Liu

Fostering talent in the next generation

Source: City Business Magazine

Qing Sheng
MSc Marketing'12

The "Third" productivity


Frankie Chan
MSc Marketing'13

Online identity


Leo Leung
MSc Marketing'14

Opportunities are everywhere


Yvan Castro
MSc Marketing'13

A South American in the East


Leah Ya Li
BBA Quantitative Finance and Risk Management'12

Importance of alumni networking


Kelly Zhang
MSc Marketing'10

Impact of Hong Kong


Micah Tsang
MSc Marketing'13

Life responsibilities


Francis Ngai
BBA Quantitative Analysis for Business'94

Life marathon


Roy Yik Kiu Lee
PhD Management'15

Never stay idle


Chris Leung

Corporate standpoint


Daryl Chan

Double standards


Tina Du
BBA Marketing'10

Every little bit counts


Hilda Lau
BBA Accountancy'10

Is Big 4 the ONLY way out?


Cynthia Guo
BBA Quantitative Analysis for Business'12

My hike to passion


Freeman Chan
BBA Electronic Commerce'12

The ONE-man team


Janice Shek
BBA Human Resources Management'11

Back to zero


Eddie Lam
BBA Management Science'11

From nothing to something


Alexander Choy
BBA China Business'09

Love what you hate