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First Year Teaching and Learning

The first year of undergraduate education is a critical one. For students it is a year of great change. Leaving behind old friends, well-understood study rituals and study locations, students have to rebuild their comfort zone, make new friends, find their place in a new social hierarchy, and yes... learn new subject matter and new learning styles.

Unfortunately, many universities do not make any specific arrangements to guide students during this challenging time. On the contrary, economics of higher education and needs for a broad-based curriculum frequently dictate that students are placed together in extremely large classes and with little opportunity to manage the learning transition.

This is where CityU's BBA programme differentiates itself. CityU's BBA programme is clearly no stranger to large classes. However, the programme is also guided by a strategy for First Year Education that systematically addresses first-year challenges and facilitates student development towards effective learning, self-respect, and enjoyment of the learning experience, in an environment of care and opportunities.

To achieve these objectives, the College of Business is implementing a five-pronged strategy for personalized, rich learning experiences, integrative, through the efforts of dedicated instructors and integrating ethics oriented learning.

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