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BBA Global Business (JS1001) BBA Global Business (JS1001) BBA Global Business (JS1001)

Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Business

Outstanding Academic Performance

BBA Global Business students with outstanding academic performance:

CityU Scholarships for Hong Kong Talent

2018 Intake

CHAN, Chung Yin CHOY, Chun Hei CHU, Choi Ha  HEUNG, Wai Shing
LEE, Tsun Man Anson LEUNG, Wai Ping Jackie LO, Ngai Man    MO Ka Chiu

Dean's List

  2018/19 2017/18 2016/17
Semester B MAK, Ka Sin
MAK, Pui Man
SU, Kuan Chung
KILBOURN, Quintus Jonathan
LI, Xingxuan
LIN, Ruiqi
MAK, Ka Sin
SU, Kuan Chung
LIN, Ruiqi
YANG, Wonmoo
Semester A JUNG, Soyeon
MAK, Pui Man
MAK, Ka Sin
LIN, Cheng-Wei
FANG, Szu-Hua
ZHI, Yongzheng
XI, Tingyu
FUNG, Nok Man Charlotte
KILBOURN, Quintus Jonathan
SU, Kuan Chung
LIN, Ruiqi
WONG, Long Yin

Programme Curriculum - Normative 4-year Degree 

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* The College of Business reserves the right to make adjustments to the course offering pattern whenever appropriate.  The programme structure, course codes and course titles are subject to continuous review and changes.

Student Stories

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Highlights of Student Activities

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