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Recruitment Talk - Maxim’s


Date:  Oct 4,  2018
Venue: 8-210, 8/F, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building
Title: Recruitment Talk - Maxim’s
Speaker: Mr Louis Mah & Mr Bocco Chen

Maxim's Caterers Limited is Hong Kong's largest food & beverage corporation and restaurant chain. Founded in 1956, the Hong Kong-based company operates a diverse range of food outlets, including bakeries, fast food shops, and restaurants offering a variety of Western, Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asian and other cuisines. Running 70 brands with 1,163 branches, having footprint not only in Hong Kong, but China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines. Maxim’s was here in the College of Business looking for talents for the Functional Trainee in IT / HR / Supply Chain / Operations as well as the IT internship program.