Department of Economics & Finance
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Student Development

To enhance our students’ learning experience, we have different initiatives and facilities to help with student’s academic, career and personal development, within and outside programmes and courses.

  • Outcome-based teaching and learning (OBTL)
    CityU has adopted an outcome-based approach in teaching and learning, which is a student-centered approach. We have been implementing this across our programmes and courses, and you could find more information on our dedicated OBTL website.
  • EF Professional Mentoring Programme
    Under this program, our alumni, members of the Society of Registered Financial Planners (HKRFP) and other professionals will serve as professional mentors. Mentors and students may interact through casual gatherings such as afternoon tea, seminars and visits to companies, etc. Find out more.
  • Student Exchange Programme
    Many students like to join the exchange programmes offered by the College of Business, for 1 or 2 semesters. Students have become more mature and independent, as well as confident to work with others and have improved language skills. We provide subsidies to outstanding students.
  • Internship
    Apart from the credit-bearing course CB3800 Business Practice Internship offered by the College of Business, students have opportunities to take part in the Departmental Internship Programme organized by the External Affairs Unit as well. We liaise with local, mainland and overseas companies that offer internships and students may apply for job placements during term time (part-time placements) and school breaks (full-time summer and winter internships).
  • Language
    Language immersion programmes have been organised during the summer breaks for students to improve their language skills. The College of Business offers Study/Work Abroad summer programmes as well.
  • Facilities
    The Department was established to educate students in the concepts and applications of economics and finance. We adopt and adapt state-of-the-art technologies to enhance our student’s learning experience. 
  • EF Co-curricular Learning Centre
    To complement students’ learning in their classroom, the EF Department provides out-of-class learning activities to enhance students’ professional and whole-person development outside the classroom. The Virtual Learning Support Centre (VLSC) is a major on-line vehicle to enrich students’ learning and development. 
  • EF’s Co-curricular activities
    Business Elites Seminar Talk (BEST) series
    Top experienced professionals from the business and financial sector are invited to present seminars to students at CityU. Students are strongly encouraged to attend the BEST seminar series. Students and graduates have in the past mentioned that they have gained significantly from BEST seminars. Students who attend future BEST seminars are expected to gain valuable insight into industry practice, obtain updates on latest developments in the financial industry, and know the latest skills required to succeed in their respective careers. For upcoming BEST seminars, please visit .

Competitions in partnership with industry

  • Veco Invest-EF Investment Management Competition:

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Veco Invest-EF Investment Management Competition. The Department is pleased to partner with Veco Invest (Asia) Ltd to provide students opportunities to apply their investment management skills. Veco Invest is part of the Veco Group, a Swiss financial advisory group. Students will need to do research to justify their stock and bond selections for inclusions in their respective investment portfolios. Students should use fundamental analysis, and incorporate technical analysis at their discretion, to manage their investment portfolios. Details for the upcoming competition will be released to students via emails.

  • The CFA Institute Investment Research Challenge

The CFA Institute in collaboration with the Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts organizes the CFA Institute Inter-University Investment Research Challenge. The Department selects a team of students to represent CityU in this annual competition. Further details on the upcoming competition will be released to students via emails.

  • Accenture Risk Management Challenge

Accenture organizes the annual Risk Management Challenge (RMC). For more details, please look up

  • The SCMP-IFPHK Financial Planner Awards

The South China Morning Post and the Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong organize the SCMP-IFPHK Financial Planner Awards (University Category). Further details on the upcoming competition will be released to students via emails. For more information, please visit