Why CityU EMBA



Introduction - CityU EMBA
Dr John Leung, EMBA Programme Director

In the 21st Century, leadership means formulation, communication and implementation of vision. Every leader must have a vision, but what distinguishes a significant leader from the crowd is the capability that motivates a team of diversified talents to turn the vision into reality. A real leader is a vision maker!

In the new environment, a leader has to formulate vision with a balance view between local and global perspectives, communicate vision using multiple media, and implement vision with the consideration of social and environmental concerns. To face these challenges, a leader has to keep advancing with momentum through learning new perspectives, new knowledge and new ideas. A real leader is a life-long learner!


City University's EMBA is a transformative leadership journey that leads our participants to achieve their visions in both their work career and life career. Participants partner with their Professors to construct the most updated knowledge through formal, informal and non-formal learning. Through interactions with experts in different areas, self-reflection on their own experiences and connection with new knowledge, participants will transform their own thinking and establish new perspectives and ideas. We consider every participant as a learning partner; we construct our knowledge, apply what we have learned and create new ideas as a team together. A real leader is a learning partner!

If you have vision, let us make it happen together!

Dr John Leung
EMBA Programme Director



Learning with Elite
EMBA Learning Partners

Highly interactive international and indigenous case studies as main learning tools. Innovative and application-oriented course features that deepen leadership with managerial problem solving skills:

  • A five-day advanced management workshop by professors of the Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley, and company visits;
  • CEO Forum that provides a platform for face-to-face exchanges with prominent CEOs;
  • EMBA Project allows in-depth study for your company’s management issues;
  • Executive Consultancy Mission (Residential Trip) in the form of a 10-day management consultancy outside Hong Kong, usually in China; and
  • Internationally recognized assessment tools that gauge participant's continual leadership improvement.


Elite Transformation
Sharing of EMBA Learning Partners on Radio

Our EMBA programme is a leadership journey launched with leadership position orientation programme. In that programme, participants first identify their characteristics and leadership styles through an internationally recognized assessment tool. They then go through a series of activities to better understand their communication styles. Finally, participants are coached through a number of "Leadership breakthrough" exercises to re-orientate their mindsets.

Throughout this two-year leadership journey, improvement in participants' leadership are continually gauged using various assessment tools and approaches.