Exchange Programme
College of Business - City University of Hong Kong AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

Tentative Course Offered List of Semester A, 2018/19

Department of Accountancy

Course Code Course Title
CB2100 Introduction to Financial Accounting 
CB2101 Introduction to Management Accounting
CB3041 Financial Statement Analysis
AC3202 Corporate Accounting I
AC4161 Accounting & Management Information Systems
AC4251 Taxation and Tax Planning
AC4303 Advanced Financial Accounting
AC4321 Management Accounting
AC4331 Corporate Financial Policy
AC4342 Auditing
GE1204 Living with the Unexpected and Unknown in Modern Society

Department of Economics and Finance

Course Code Course Title
CB2400 Micro-Economics
CB2402 Macro-Economics
CB3410 Financial Management
EF2047 Personal Finance and Retail Banking
EF2452 Mathematics for Economics and Finance
EF3320 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
EF3331 Asia-Pacific Capital Markets & Standards of Practice
EF3333 Financial Systems, Markets and Instruments
EF3441 Intermediate Macroeconomics
EF3451 Economic and Business Forecasting
EF4312 Mergers and Acquisitions
EF4321 Derivatives and Risk Management
EF4323 Trading Room Workshop
EF4328 Asset Management
EF4334 Regulation and Management of Financial Institutions
EF4473 International Trade
EF4485 Experimental Methods in Economics/Finance
GE1202 Managing Your Personal Finance
GE1205 Green Economics
GE2256 Application of Game Theory to Business
GE2258 Making Sense of Economics
GE2260 Finance You Should Know

Department of Information Systems

Course Code Course Title
IS3237 Information Services for Business Organizations
IS4034 Information Products and Services Design
IS4333 Human-Computer Interaction for Business
IS4435 Governance and Regulatory Compliance for Financial Information Systems
IS4532 Project Management and Outsourcing
IS4650 Global Business Technology Consulting
IS4822 Analytics for Financial Services
IS4835 Information Management for Financial Services
GE1201 Information Management and Its Social Impact
GE1206 Accelerating Professional Growth on the Web
GE1212 Building Personal and Firm Images in the Digital Society
GE2242 Conducting Online Commerce in China
GE2257 Mobile Application for Business
GE2335 Business Programming with Spreadsheet

Department of Marketing

Course Code Course Title
CB2601 Marketing
CB3042 China Business Environment
MKT3603 Consumer Behaviour
MKT4604 Marketing in China
MKT4605 International Marketing
MKT4624 Retail Management
MKT4625 Advertising Management & Integrated Marketing Communications
MKT4628 e-Marketing
MKT4629 Social Media Marketing
MKT4636 Data-centric Marketing
MKT4637 Event Marketing
MKT4676 Managing the Chinese Organization

Department of Management

Course Code Course Title
CB3302 International Corporate Social Responsibility
CB4303 Strategy and Policy
CB4305 International Business
MGT3302 Interactive Skills Workshop for Business
MGT3305 Corporate Social Responsibility
MGT3306 Organizational Behaviour & HRM
MGT4207 Training and Development
MGT4309 Talent Management : Learning & Development
MGT4310 Managing Multinationals
MGT4314 Negotiation
MGT4315 Leadership
GE2204 Business Ethics and Society
GE2230 Revolutions in Global Business
GE2232 Knowing Ourselves Better in Work and Life
GE3204 Business and Hong Kong Society

Department of Management Sciences

Course Code Course Title
CB2011 Solving Business Problems with Spreadsheet Modelling
CB2200 Business Statistics
CB2201 Operations Management
MS3251 Analytics using SAS
MS3252 Regression Analysis
MS4251 Quantitative Analysis for Marketing
GE2202 Globalization and Business
GE2213 Understanding Uncertainty and Statistical Reasoning

Department of Asian and International Studies

Course Code Course Title


Traditions of Inquiry in the Social Sciences

AIS2930 Hong Kong: Continuity and Change in a Global City
AIS2931 History and Society in Asia
AIS2973 Political and Social Development in China
AIS2974 Japanese Language - Level 1
AIS3031 Japanese Language - Level 2
AIS3032 Korean I
AIS3033 Korean II
AIS3034 Political Dynamics in Asia
AIS3041 State and Economy in Asia
AIS3060 Environment and Society in Aisa
AIS3123 Problem-based Studies of Selected Asian Societies and Regions I
AIS3932 Spies, Intelligence and National Security
AIS3933 Comparative Management: China, Japan, and South Korea
AIS3982 Japan and Cultural Globalisation
AIS3983 Japanes Language - Level 3
AIS3984 Japanes Language - Level 4
AIS4027 Korean III
AIS4071 Korean Culture
AIS4072 Religions and Society in Asia


Social Movements in an Age of Globalisation


Globalisation and the Environment


Contemporary International Politics of the Asia Pacific


International Security


Poverty and the Politics of Aid


Understanding Korean Society through Film

Department of Chinese and History

Course Code Course Title
CAH2956 Mandarin for Non-Chinese Speakers I
CAH2996 Basic Cantonese I
CAH2998 Cantonese Communication Skills for Putonghua Speakers
GE1101 Chinese Cultural Heritage in Modern Perspective (English)
GE1105 Chinese Music Appreciation
GE1107 The City in Chinese History and Culture
GE1125 Architecture and Space in Chinese Culture
GE1501 Chinese Civilisation - History and Philosophy
GE2132 Discovering the Dynamics of Contemporary Cities and Architecture in China (English)

Department of English

Course Code Course Title
EN2711 The Structure of English
EN2717 Literary and Cultural Studies
EN3525 English in Corporate and Professional Comm
GE2401 English for Science
GE2402 English for Business Communication
GE2410 English for Engineering
GE2412 English for the Humanities and Social Sciences
GE2413 Word, Sound and Image: Writing for Creative Media

Department of Linguistics and Translation

Course Code Course Title
GE2124 The World through Languages
LT2203 Language in Society
LT2206 Fundamentals of Statistics for Language Studies
LT2229 Linguistics I
LT2321 Culture and Translation
LT2341 General Translation
LT3210 Electronic Publishing
LT3213 Text Linguistics
LT3214 Phonology
LT3233 Computational Linguistics
LT3234 Language and Cognition
LT3326 Comparative Study of Chinese and English
LT3345 Discovering and Managing Terms
LT3347 Commercial Translation
LT3349 Legal Translation
LT3350 Translation for the Media
LT3352 Scientific and Technical Translation
LT4227 First Language Acquisition  
LT4319 Advanced Audiovisual Translation
LT4363 Specialized Translation in Government and Public Administration
LT4364 Specialized Translation for the Media
LT4375 Consecutive Interpretation (English – Chinese)
LT4376 Simultaneous Interpretation (English - Chinese)
LT4380 Theory of Translation

Department of Computer Science

Course Code Course Title
CS1102 Introduction to Computer Studies
CS2204 Fundamentals of Internet Applications Development
CS2311 Computer Programming
GE2315 Security and Privacy in the Information Age
GE2323 Mobile Social Networks: Practices, Challenges, and Beyond


  1. Course list for inbound exchange students is subject to further changes without prior notice.
  2. Course approval will be considered on a case-by-case basis.