Exchange Programme
College of Business - City University of Hong Kong AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

Tentative Course Offered List of Semester A, 2015/16

Department of Accountancy

Course Code Course Title
CB2100 Introduction to Financial Accounting 
CB2101 Introduction to Management Accounting
CB3041 Financial Statement Analysis
AC3202 Corporate Accounting I
AC4251 Taxation and Tax Planning
AC4301 Corporate Accounting II
AC4303 Advanced Financial Accounting
AC4321 Management Accounting
AC4331 Corporate Financial Policy
AC4342 Auditing
GE1204 Living with the Unexpected and Unknown in Modern Society
GE1222 Accounting in Everyday Life

Department of Economics and Finance

Course Code Course Title
CB2400 Micro-Economics
CB2402 Macro-Economics
CB3410 Financial Management
EF2452 Mathematics for Economics and Finance
EF3320 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
EF3331 Asia-Pacific Capital Markets and Standards of Practice
EF3440 Microeconomics for Business Strategy
EF3441 Macroeconomics for Business Strategy
EF3451 Economic and Business Forecasting
EF3460 Asia-Pacific Economies
EF4312 Mergers and Acquisitions
EF4314 Corporate Finance II
EF4321 Derivatives and Risk Management
EF4334 Regulation and Management of Financial Institutions
EF4473 International Trade
EF4484 Economic Strategy and Game Theory
EF4490 Urban Economics
EF4520 Principles of Option Pricing
GE1202 Managing Your Personal Finance
GE1205 Green Economics
GE2229 Uncovering the Global Economy through News

Department of Information Systems

Course Code Course Title
CB2021 Big Data Management
CB2022 Business Programming with Spreadsheet
CB2500 Information Management
IS2505 e-Business
IS3230 Information Systems Construction
IS3237 Information Services for Business Organizations
IS3331 Data Management
IS3501 Privacy and Security of Information Systems
IS4034 Information Products and Services Design
IS4130 Multi-Channel Information Management Technologies
IS4333 Human-Computer Interaction for Business
IS4435 Governance and Regulatory Compliance for Financial Information Systems
IS4530 Project Management and Requirements Analysis
IS4532 Project Management and Outsourcing
IS4538 Online Services Management
IS4822 Analytics for Financial Services
IS4834 Business Intelligence and Analytics
IS4835 Information Management for Financial Services
IS4837 Delivery Systems for Financial Services
IS4940 Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship
GE1206 Accelerating Professional Growth on the Web
GE1212 Building Personal and Firm Images in the Digital Society
GE2242 Conducting Online Commerce in China

Department of Management

Course Code Course Title
CB2300 Management
CB4303 Strategy and Policy
MGT3206 Organisational Behavior
MGT3217 Human Resources Management
MGT3303 Asia Pacific Comparative Management
MGT4207 Training and Development
MGT4208 Cross-cultural Negotiations
MGT4232 Managing Organizational Change
MGT4234 Staff Relations and Grievance Handling
MGT4237 Current Topics in Human Resources Management
MGT4240 Managerial Development in Business
MGT4303 Doing Business in Southeast Asia and Oceania
GE1216 Loving Work, Working to Love
GE1217 Competition and Cooperation in Diverse Contexts
GE2204 Business Ethics and Society
GE2212 Contemporary Business Communication
GE2230 Revoluntary in Global Business
GE2231 Business, Media and Society
GE2237 Business and Hong Kong Society
GE2247 Social Innovation and Entrepreneurial Venture Exploration (SIEVE)

Department of Management Sciences

Course Code Course Title
CB2011 Solving Business Problems with Spreadsheet Modelling
CB2200 Business Statistics
CB2201 Quantitative Methods
MS3251 Analytics using SAS
MS3252 Regression Analysis
MS3304 Hospitality Management
MS3322 Quality Management
MS4111 Enterprise Resource Planning
MS4251 Quantitative Analysis for Marketing
MS4504 Statistics for Economic and Financial Modelling
GE2202 Globalization and Business
GE2213 Understanding Uncertainty and Statistical Reasoning

Department of Marketing

Course Code Course Title
CB2601 Marketing
CB3042 China Business Environment
MKT3600 China Business Workshop
MKT3602 Marketing Research
MKT3603 Consumer Behavior
MKT3607 Creativity in Marketing
MKT3608 Marketing Intelligence
MKT4604 Marketing in China
MKT4605 International Marketing
MKT4606 Strategic Marketing
MKT4622 Services Marketing
MKT4633 Cultural Advertising
MKT4636 Data-centric Marketing
MKT4637 Event Marketing
MKT4656 Contemporary Issues in China Business
MKT4677 Chinese Business Decision Making
MKT4679 Partnership Management in Chinese Enterprises
GE1207 Organizational and Personal Image Management
GE1225 Become a Smart and Responsible Consumer
GE2209 Market Developments in China
GE2240 Sustainable Development in China and Its Global Impact
GE2248 Understanding Persuasion in Everyday Life

Department of Chinese and History

Course Code Course Title
CAH2956 Mandarin for Non-Chinese Speakers I
CAH2996 Basic Cantonese I
CAH2998 Cantonese Communication Skills for Putonghua Speakers


  1. The above course offer list is subject to change without prior notice
  2. Course approval on case-by-case basis