Exchange Programme
College of Business - City University of Hong Kong AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

Tentative Course Offered List of Semester B, 2014/15

Department of Accountancy

Course Code Course Title
CB2100 Accounting I
AC2101 Accounting II
AC3202 Corporate Accounting I
AC3252 Accounting and Taxation Systems in the Chinese Mainland
AC4161 Accounting and Management Information Systems
AC4301 Corporate Accounting II
AC4305 Advanced Accounting Practice
AC4342 Auditing
GE1204 Living with the Unexpected and Unknown in Modern Society
GE1219 Smart Auditing for a Better Life
GE1222 Accounting in Everyday Life

Department of Economics and Finance

Course Code Course Title
EF2401 Economics II
EF2047 Personal Finance and Retail Banking
EF3331 Asia-Pacific Capital Markets and Standards of Practice
EF3333 Financial Systems, Markets and Instruments
EF3442 Intermediate Microeconomics
EF3450 Principles of Econometrics
EF3461 Economies of China (Mainland) and Hong Kong
EF3520 Stochastic Calculus for Finance
EF4313 Corporate Finance I
EF4320 Advanced Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
EF4323 Trading Room Workshop
EF4331 International Finance and Banking
EF4420 Derivatives Analysis and Advanced Investment Strategies
EF4461 Contemporary Economic and Financial Issues in China
EF4471 International Finance
EF4485 Experimental Methods in Economics/Finance
EF4491 Real Estate Economics and Finance
EF4523 Quantitative Methods in Finance
GE1205 Green Economics
GE2208 China in the Global Economy
GE2229 Uncovering the Global Economy through News
GE2238 Global Financial Markets and Their Societal Impact

Department of Information Systems

Course Code Course Title
CB2500 Information Management
IS2502 Social Media and Social Networks
IS3331 Data Management
IS3430 Systems Analysis and Design
IS4030 Website Design for e-Commerce
IS4032 Mobile Apps
IS4246 Digital Marketing and Customer Relationship Management
IS4537 Information Systems Audit
IS4538 Online Services Management
IS4546 Social, Legal and Ethical Issues of Internet
IS4636 Business Process Management
IS4650 Global Business Systems Consulting Methodology
IS4730 Marketing Analytics in the Digital Age
IS4834 Business Intelligence & Analytics
IS4835 Information Management for Financial Services
IS4837 Delivery Systems for Financial Services
IS4860 Business Analytics for Marketing
GE1201 Information Management and Its Social Impact
GE1212 Personal and Firm Profiling in Digital Society

Department of Management

Course Code Course Title
CB2300 Management
CB4303 Strategy and Policy
MGT3228 Employment Law and Employment Practices in HK
MGT3302 Interactive Skills Workshop for Business
MGT3422 Product and Service Innovation Management
MGT4220 Team Leadership and Management
MGT4222 Japanese Management
MGT4224 Performance Management
MGT4225 Global Human Resources Management
MGT4238 Japanese Multinationals
MGT4241 Career Analysis and Strategies in Business
GE1216 Loving Work, Working to Love
GE2230 Revolutionary Shifts in Global Business Practices
GE2232 Knowing Ourselves Better in Work and Life
GE2247 Social Innovation and Entrepreneurial Venture Exploration

Department of Management Sciences

Course Code Course Title
CB2201 Quantitative Methods
MS2200 Business Statistics
MS3108 Transportation Logistics
MS3111 Quantitative Business Analysis with Visual Basic for Applications
MS3261 Business Modelling with Spreadsheets
MS3302 Management of Service Operations
MS3501 Automated Data Analysis in Financial Modelling
MS4102 Business Forecasting Methods
MS4109 Project Management
MS4122 Workshops on Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MS4212 Business Forecasting
MS4224 Enterprise Data Mining
MS4225 Business Research Modelling
MS4226 Risk Management Models
MS4241 Life Insurance
MS4303 Contemporary Topics in Service Operations Management
MS4321 Customer Relationship Management with Data Mining
GE2202 Globalization and Business
GE2213 Understanding Uncertainty and Statistical Reasoning

Department of Marketing

Course Code Course Title
CB2601 Marketing
MKT3600 China Business Workshop
MKT3602 Marketing Research
MKT3603 Consumer Behavior
MKT3607 Creativity and Problem Solving in Marketing
MKT3652 Chinese Culture and Management
MKT4604 Marketing in China
MKT4605 International Marketing
MKT4606 Strategic Marketing
MKT4610 Customer Relationship Management
MKT4622 Services Marketing
MKT4623 Selling and Sales Management
MKT4624 Retail Management
MKT4633 Cultural Advertising in Asia
MKT4676 Managing the Chinese Organization
GE2209 Market Developments in China
GE2220 Sustainable Business: Doing Good Business While Doing Good
GE2248 Understanding Persuasion in Everyday Life

Chinese Civilisation Centre

Course Code Course Title
GE1107 The City in Chinese History and Culture
GE1501 Chinese Civilization - History and Philosophy
GE2114 World Archaeology and Heritage


  1. The above course offer list is subject to change without prior notice
  2. Course approval on case-by-case basis