Congratulations to Bella TSE, BBAIM, Outstanding intern of the Citi-HKCSS Community Intern Program 2014
21 October 2014
17 October 2014
Congratulations to our student team!
Information Day 201415A
12 October 2014
CityU Information Day
Congratulations to Mr. Hon-wing Leung! The First Year Teaching and Learning Awards Winner 2013/14
29 August 2014
First Year Teaching and Learning Awards 2013/14

The College is delighted to announce the result of the BBA First Year Lecture and Tutorial Teaching Awards 2013/14. The submitted applications were reviewed by a Selection Panel comprising Prof Joseph Cheng, Chair Professor of Department of Public Policy (POL) as the Chairman; Prof Alan Wan, Professor of Department of Management Sciences (MS), Prof Nan Zhou, Professor of Department of Marketing (MKT) and Prof William Wan,Professor of Department of Management (MGT). The Panel recommended the following as the award winners:

  • Dr. Amanda Chu (Visiting Fellow, Department of Management Sciences), for lectures
  • Mr. Hon-wing Leung (Visiting Fellow, Department of Information Systems), for lectures
  • Miss Huijie Cui (PhD Student, Department of Accountancy), for tutorials
  • Mr. Ho-ming Lau (Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Management Sciences), for tutorials

The winners have demonstrated significant contributions to learning and teaching in the College of Business. Congratulations to the winners!


25 August 2014
近年愈來愈多大學生選擇北上實習,去年起為全球大學生提供實習項目「全球夢想家計畫」的內地電子商貿集團阿里巴巴,早前在香港招募三十名「有夢想」大專生,到杭州總部實習四周,主要希望學生通過與不同部門員工交流、撰寫建議書,「體驗」業務及學習企業的「追夢」精神。   阿里巴巴集團早前與騁志發展基金合作,招募約三十名香港大專生,六月到杭州總公司實習一個月,吸引近二百五十人報名。該公司人力資源部資深總監林偉漢表示,為宣揚和配合企業信念,參加者不限學系,只求同樣懷有夢想,「過往亦有來自全球不同職業和年齡的實習生,香港學生則較具國際視野和思維。」  他表示,計畫與一般實習不同,並非為「揀蟀」,參加者毋須執行工作要求,「而是通過工作坊、分享會和討論等形式,與不同部門的員工互動,並學會堅持夢想,把追夢精神帶到人生中。」   參加者之一的城大環球商業系統管理系三年級學生劉胤廷,早前到該公司的「淘寶客戶滿意部」、電子外貿部及推廣部實習,又赴上海考察物流業務。 他坦言,實習經歷感受最深,是該公司自由開放的工作文化及企業信念,「公司上下互相學習,沒階級之分,香港的工作環境卻是緊繃和嚴肅。」他打算日後衝出香港,「企業那種勇於尋夢的精神,改變我的想法,帶到大學和往後人生,也使我的創業夢更堅定。」記者 林可欣 文章編號: 201408250030209
三年大學 兩次交流
22 August 2014


去年9月,我獨自去了美國最古老的城市—— 波士頓。美國的學習是自由而積極的,上課的時候教授發問,同學便連珠炮發地發表自己的意見,更會挑戰老師的說法。








這既加強了我跨文化的溝通技巧,更加擴闊了我對全球化視野,有助我和來自世界各地的上司和同事衷誠的合作,對將來在跨國科技型企業的管理工作上,會有相當的裨益 。


蔡凱晴 香港城市大學環球商業系統管理三年級生

Hangzhou internship helps me take the first step to realise my dream
MSc postgraduate returns from Residential Trip
Department of Information Systems holds 2nd award ceremony
Outstanding GBSM Student Sharing – Francis CHAN
15 July 2014

Everybody had a dream when he/she was young, how many of them really paved their ways to fulfill their dreams? A GBSM year 2 student, Francis Chan, actively participates in different competitions and broadens his exposures to realize his dream.

"I take great pride as a year 2 student majoring in Global Business Systems Management (GBSM) in City University of Hong Kong. Studying under the College of Business has always been very competitive, yet, fulfilling and enjoyable. I believe that being a student does not only mean excelling at our basic responsibility, studying, but also pursuing dreams and goals in our lives, outside our curriculum. Doing so will never be possible if my department does not support me from behind. In this recent semester, I stepped out from my comfort zone, trying things that I have never done before and, surprisingly, the results turned out to be quite satisfying."

He took part in the Project CG! 2014 Marketing Competition alongside with his teammates from other colleges and majors in late 2013. The competition required each team to compete with representatives from all the other universities in HK by completing four different marketing tasks for four independent companies, namely, Bausch & Lomb, Benefit, HSBC and Estée Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. Francis and his teammates had to create an array of marketing elements, including composing an original song's music video, holding huge campaigns and competitions at school and in public to arouse interests. "None of us major in Marketing, so all these were new to us and, frankly, challenging. But we dared to try and err. In the end, although we were not the overall champion, we were still entitled to three awards, including the awards for winning two out of four marketing tasks in role."

Apart from the marketing competition, Francis also received an aviation scholarship earlier this year awarded by a local pilot school, Aero Institute Hong Kong (AI-HK), a big leap to his dream-come-true. Aero Institute Hong Kong (AI-HK) was founded by an airline pilot. This scholarship includes a ground theory course and round trip air tickets to Sydney, Australia for 10 hours flight training.

"I have always dreamt of becoming an airline pilot since the age of 8. My aspiration was not only due to the famous local drama "Triumph in The Skies" a decade ago but mostly because of the fact that I have never lived a day without seeing an airplane due to living close to the old Kai Tak and the new Chek Lap Kok airport which sparked my never-stopping curiosity and immense affection towards planes and skies." He started taking concrete steps in realizing his dream last summer by studying pilot’s knowledge handbook, airports facts and figure for self-learning during free time after his academic studies and also flying flight simulation etc.

The selection processes lasted about 4 months, 4 stages, with English test, Group exercise, Individual Panel interview and a final chat with the founder of AI-HK. "The screening process was thorough and harsh, and I had a hard time going through those. However, with that said, I managed to struggle through one stage to the other and was finally awarded the only place for this scholarship in late June."

Being the first person entitled to this scholarship and with all the trainings and resources Francis have gained access to, this is genuinely a huge step towards his career goal.

"I have always believed that no matter how hard and new things are, there is always room for me to try. And though, through this journey, I fell, I failed, I have never been competing with the others but myself. I have only been trying my best in improving myself and learning through the mistakes I made which, I would say, is good enough for me."

Never lose faith in what one can do, always test the limits. For Francis, "Sky's not even the limit".

Francis CHAN Wai Kit
BBA4 (GBSM) Cohort 2012 Student

Outstanding Alumni Sharing - Global FMCG Group
15 July 2014

IS Department nurtures smart business leaders. You can learn more from our alumni / fresh graduate's sharing:

IS Department gave me different opportunities to realize my dream to be a smart business leader in a global firm, e.g. I have 2 internship opportunities from the department, one is in a listed company to be a eCommerce specialist to help proposing ideas to top management, another one is in a 4As global advertising agency to be media executive to help managing digital advertising campaigns.

IS Department is not only full of relevant internship chances for us, but also scholarship chances, e.g. I got six scholarships from department, government, and business sector)

These experiences built a very strong foundation for me to secure a management trainee position in a global FMCG group. I believe my fellow classmates would realize their dreams through the Department's support.

Management Trainee (Global FMCG Group)
NG Wei Yin Raymond (2014 BBA Information Management Graduate)

Outstanding Alumni Sharing - Global Investment Bank
15 July 2014

IS Department nurtures smart business leaders. You can learn more from our alumni / fresh graduate's sharing:

After graduation, I joined a European investment bank as a graduate trainee under the capital market department. Hong Kong is playing an important role in financial products’ trading platform, as a graduate trainee in the capital market department, I need to manage transaction data related to hundreds of millions dollar amount per minute, this is why I took up the challenge to use the knowledge and skills I learned in my study in Department of Information Systems, e.g. business intelligence, data management, systems analysis and design.

Department of Information Systems provided me a very good foundation of knowledge and skills related to financial services, how to manage large amount of data efficiently and how to use systems to improve processes. These are very practical and useful skills for graduates who want to join financial services industry.

IT finance would be a big trend in the near future for different banks to compete, equipping yourselves with information management skills would be a big advantage to enhance your competitiveness.

Capital Market Operation Trainee (Global Investment Bank)
LAU Wing Chung (2014 BBA E-Commerce Graduate)

Outstanding Alumni Sharing - Facebook
15 July 2014

IS Department nurtures smart business leaders. You can learn more from our alumni / fresh graduate's sharing:

Being able to stand out from 3000 job applicants of a MNC is not easy. Courses offered by IS Department helped me in building a solid foundation in areas like SEM, SEO, keyword search, CPC, CPM, etc. The courses are very up-to-date with business trends (e.g. IS4246 Digital Marketing and CRM, GE1206 Accelerating Professional Growth on the Web) which enabled me to impress interviewers from Facebook for my graduate job in Client Solutions Analyst.

To join MNC, global vision is essential, IS Department and CB supports students to explore globally by providing unique internship chances and scholarships, e.g. I have been to USA and South Africa to do cultural exchange, which built up my global soft skills and made me more independent.

Client Solutions Analyst, Facebook
ZHANG Chi Jerry (2014 BBA E-Commerce Graduate)

Realize Your Business Dreams
Service Made Efficient
13 March 2014
Transactions Made Easy
13 March 2014
Change the Way We Do Business
Disruptive IS: Social, Moible, Big Data, Cloud Services
Business Intelligence with Big Data
Mobile Apps for Business
10 March 2014
Whatsfacebook Connect People to Do Business Smarter!
IT Finance: From Backend to Frontend
Two academic exchange opportunities in different countries enable me to think with global perspectives :)
神魔之塔 = 港版WhatsApp?
4 March 2014

本港手機遊戲《神魔之塔》開發商Magic Feature,獲得雲遊(484)以7000萬美元(約5.5億港元)入股20%,公司估值27億元。

商學院全球排名第46 亞太區位居第二
11 January 2014





城大商學院同時擁有國際管理教育協會(AACSB International)及歐洲品質改善系統(EQUIS)的優質課程認證。根據德克薩斯州大學達拉斯管理學院公佈的商學院排名榜,城大商學院2012年排名全球第69位,2013年排名全球第63位。

IS Students rewarded for business plan for dental health
27 January 2014

A team of business students from City University of Hong Kong (CityU) won the championship in the degree category in the ACCA Hong Kong Business Competition 2013 with a business plan titled “Crescent Moon: Mobile Dental Clinic Services for Elderly”.

CISA®, CISM® & CRISC® Briefing Seminar in Hong Kong
20 January 2014

The Information Systems Audit and Control Association China Hong Kong Chapter (ISACA China HK Chapter) will conduct a briefing seminar on Tuesday, 18 February 2014. Those who are interested in knowing more about CISA®, CISM® & CRISC® certification or have prepared to register for the next CISA®, CISM® & CRISC® exams in June 2014 are welcome to attend.

裝備自己 迎接大數據時代
Congratulations to the two 2013 INFORMS ISS Design Science award winners Chuan Hoo Tan, City University of Hong Kong
17 January 2014

Congratulations to the two 2013 award winners

Winner 1: Outstanding Design Science Project
Awardees: Juliana Sutanto ETH Zurich, Chuan Hoo Tan, City University of Hong Kong and Chee Wei Phang, Fudan University.

Project Title: Design of Privacy-safe Personalized Content Offering.