Programme Highlights


  • Scholarship: Outstanding applicants will be offered with a scholarship (with an amount above HK$45,000). This year maximum six scholarships will be provided.
  • Hands-on Management Consulting Experience: Participants can choose to take Management Consulting in Asia (IS6930, spaces are limited) elective in the form of a field-based consulting project outside Hong Kong.
  • Strong Alumni Support: Students in the program gain a wide array of support from a community of hundreds of BIS alumni working in or outside Hong Kong through periodical physical gathering and ongoing virtual interactions (e.g., at Weiqun, subscription open exclusively to existing BIS students and alumni)
  • Continuing Education Fund (CEF): Some courses offered in this programme are eligible for the application of a subsidy from the CEF and each applicant may receive up to HK$10,000 refund within a two-year application period.#

    # CEF is only applicable to Hong Kong residents.
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