New Scholarships

ISmart Scholarships for Elites


In order to motivate students to work for their academic and professional excellence and to recognize their efforts and achievements, the Department of Information Systems has decided to establish a new scholarship scheme terms asISmart Scholarships for Eliteswith her Non-UGC Reserves. This scholarship, which commences from 2015/16, is for students with a major in the Department of Information Systems. The primary objective of having thisscholarship scheme is to recognize students’ outstanding performance in the academic and professional development during their studies in the department. The following regulations shall apply as of 2015/16:

  1. The scholarships shall be known as “ISmart Scholarships for Elites”.

  2. Eligible applicants for the scholarships shall be full-time undergraduate students who:
    1. major in one of undergraduate programmes1 of the Department of Information Systems; and1 of the Department of Information Systems; and
    2. have achieved a good GPA score or equivalent academic results deemed to be acceptable by the Department for this purpose.
  3. The projected scholarships are summarized in the following table. Note that the maximum number of awardees and total scholarship amount may change depending on the overall quality of the applicants and the discretion of the Department of Information Systems.

      Year of Study Max. No. of Award Winners Amount HK$ Total HK$
    ISmart Scholarships for Ellitesa
    (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
    BBAU3 (Yr1) and BBA4 (Yr 2) 5 (Gold) 20,000 100,000
      8 (Silver) 15,000 120,000
      10 (Bronze) 10,000 100,000
    BBAU2 (Yr3), BBA3 (Yr2) and BBA4 (Yr3) 3 (Gold) 5,000 15,000
      5 (Silver) 3,000 15,000
      8 (Bronze) 1,000 8,000
    Maximum Total 358,000
    1 The Department’s undergraduate majors refer to: Information Management (IFMG) and Global Business Systems Management (GBSM).
    1. ISmart Scholarships for Elites (Gold, Silver, Bronze): The scholarships will be awarded to students according to their CGPA at the end of Semester B of the academic year and their outstanding readiness as a professional. Criteria include (but not limited to) CGPA ≥ 3.0, outstanding exchange or internship performance and external awards.

  4. Nomination from the Department of Information Systems will reach the Student Development Services by the end of June and the awards will be made as soon as possible.
  5. If the awarded recipient cannot complete his/her major programme in the Department of Information Systems, he/she is required to reimburse the award back to the Department of Information Systems. If the awarded recipients decide to take leave of absence in particular semester(s), the award will be temporary suspended.
  6. Awarded recipients are required to participate in the academic and professional development activities (e.g. workshop, seminar, forum, interview) as assigned by the Department.
  7. The Department of Information Systems reserves the right to make the final decision on the nominations.
  8. Confirmation will be sought from the Department of Information Systems before July each year on whether or not the awards shall be continued for the following academic year.


With an objective to nurture our students and to promote caring culture, the Community Relations Committee of the University Council has recommended that each award recipient is expected to make an annual donation of at least HK$200 to City University of Hong Kong for student support via CityU Alumni Club when they are in employment after graduation. This term will be incorporated into all scholarship/ prize/ award/ bursary schemes, whether they are donated by external donors or contributed by University funding, with effect from February 2008.