Why CityU MBA?

  1. CityU MBA is powered by a top-ranked business school at a world-class university.

  2. CityU MBA offers an accelerated program with flexible extension for further pursuit
    of concentration(s).

  3. With a wide array of Experiential Learning Courses, CityU MBA participants enjoy exclusive opportunities to:
  1. CityU MBA provides outstanding applicants with substantial scholarships of various kinds.

  2. The CityU Campus is conveniently located in Kowloon Tong, a stone's throw from the city center.

Upon successful completion of the CityU MBA programme, you should be able to develop knowledge in business and management disciplines through interest-based activities in addition to synthesize and apply knowledge across disciplines to business problems, particularly within a Greater China Business context. You should also be able to demonstrate evidence of effective solutions to business problems through communication and teamwork, and awareness of social and ethical issues which impact businesses.