TRIANGLE International Programme

CityU MBA is a founding member of the International Business School Network, of 14 top international business schools. A subset of these schools has created arguably the most innovative international exchange programmes available, called TRAINGLE.

The International Triangle programme educates the global leaders of the future by providing culturally diverse academic and applied experiences through combining the strengths of the best institutions on three continents. It comes to life through a strategic master education alliance where education, research and practice meet in three different international learning environments.

The programme incorporates a three-way exchange with three international institutions. It has three unique selling points:

  1. The students will engage in academic experiences at top academic institutions. All partner schools involved in the International Triangle programme have AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA accreditation. This guarantees a common commitment to education based on academic research.
  2. The students will engage in applied experiences in which each partner incorporates a real project collaboration between faculty, professionals and students that goes beyond a traditional internship. This enables the development of integral competencies that are necessary to work in an internationalizing labor market and improve the connection and transition between work and education.
  3. The students will experience this in three different (business) cultures and parts of the world. This guarantees immersion into diverse perspectives facilitating the challenging of assumptions that normally guide interactions with others. Dealing with the dynamics of change in this manner contributes to the development of self-awareness, flexibility and adaptability which are indispensable skills to function in today’s labor market.

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