International & Mainland China Applicants

The Global Services Office (GSO) is an outreach arm of City University of Hong Kong (CityU). GSO aims to help CityU globalise, raise its profile and enhance its image in the mainland of China and internationally.

GSO works to:

  • Consolidate and increase collaborative links for academic and student exchange
  • Recruit top-quality non-local students and integrate them into the CityU community
  • Enhance students' international perspectives, global awareness and multicultural sensitivity

Students may visit GSO's website for more information.

Student Visa

The Immigration Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region requests that any person who does not have the right of abode or right to land but wishes to come to Hong Kong for education must obtain an entry visa/permit for study issued by the Immigration Department before entering Hong Kong.

Further details can be obtained from the Hong Kong Immigration Department.


For information on off-campus accommodation, please visit:

Cost of Living

The rental for off-campus accommodation could be in the range of HK$5,000–12,000 a month depending on the size, location and type of accommodation.  In addition to accommodation, the cost of living in Hong Kong is generally high and could be in the range of HK$50,000 - $60,000 a year for a single student including meals, transport, laundry, and education expenses for books and stationery.

Mainland Applicants

More information about the University can be obtained via