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13 March 2017

SHARP Forum: Mixed Reality Revolution - The Next Big Thing in Marketing

SHARP Forum: Mixed Reality Revolution
SHARP Forum: Mixed Reality Revolution

Embracing new technology is one of the key strategies for most enterprises in the digital age. The 6th SHARP Forum brought to us two tech pioneers, Mr. Deng Hong Chun, Tech leader of TMALL Interactive Technology Alliance in Alibaba Group from its Headquarters at Hangzhou and Mr. Peter Yu, Founder and CEO of JetOne Motion, a multinational company originated in Hong Kong giving a talk to over 120 audiences on the topic of ‘Mixed Reality Revolution - The Next Big Thing in Marketing’ on 13 March 2017 at CityU campus. The speakers shared their insightful experiences and the latest development in Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) applications for various businesses, especially in marketing sector in the event.

To kick start the event, the audiences enjoyed the VR experience provided by JetOne Motion. After that, Mr. Yu gave an overview of the worldwide VR/AR industry landscape and the forecast of digital revolution. He also shared his predictions of the opportunities of VR/ AR in marketing field.

Mr. Deng then shared with the audiences that many worldwide fashion brands like SKII and New Balance have established virtual stores in Tmall and gave some examples of how their merchant clients using AR and 3D tech to create an immersive personal experience for the end customers. He foresees more merchants from different industries will adopt VR/AR tech to amaze their end users with interactive 3D contents and to enhance the customer experience.

JetOne Motion is a pioneering player in Hong Kong VR industry that has served over 230 corporates in delivering VR and simulation experiences such as flight simulation for aviation training or multi-players gaming for promotional events. Whereas Tmall offers VR and 3D tech that can direct end customers’ traffic by connecting offline and online ads.