Master of Arts in Quantitative Analysis for Business
Department of Management Sciences College of Business - City University of Hong Kong AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

Business Analysis - Discover Smart Insight from Big Data!

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Nowadays, managers need to possess both qualitative and quantitative ability to solve business problems and make decisions. The BBA Business Analysis programme aims to

  • provide students with professional training in business analytics, statistics, business intelligence, risk management, marketing analytics, business knowledge and communication skills;
  • develop students’ ability to manage and analyse huge volume of business data using SAS, SPSS, Excel VBA computing software which are popularly used in the global business world;
  • enable students to solve business problems by a judicious application of technical and practical skills;
  • enable students to obtain internationally recognized professional qualifications including SAS Certification and Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Examinations;
  • prepare students for a statistical, analytical and managerial position in the financial, commercial, and government sector.
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Why Choose Business Analysis Major?

Professional Advice

Mr Fung Hing Wang
Commissioner (2005 - 2011), Census & Statistics Department
Importance of Statistics and Data Analysis

“Statistical data are very important to the government and private sectors, for example in making infrastructure and marketing decisions.”

Industry Needs and Career Prospects

“There is big industry demand for statisticians in government, finance and business sectors.”

What Skills do Graduates Need?

“Apart from statistical knowledge, graduates need good management skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, presentation skills and knowledge of current affairs.”

Mr Cecil Ko
General Manager (2008 - 2011), SAS Institute Ltd
Importance of Statistics and Data Analysis

“Business analytics is very important as it helps companies to predict the future and find out useful information which we do not know.”

Industry Needs and Career Prospects

“Government and organizations collect lots of data, which need to be analysed. There is demand for risk management, customer segmentation. customer intelligence and customer analysis.”

What Skills do Graduates Need?

“As business analytic can be applied in many areas, graduates need not just technical skills, but also knowledge of current affairs, society and different industries, as well as communication skills.”

Mr Lawson Law
Head of Business Analytics, Hang Seng Bank
Importance of Statistics and Data Analysis

Three types of analysis are needed in banks: credit risk management, customer/marketing analytic, and sales analytic.

Industry Needs and Career Prospects

“There are many career choices: management trainee, business analyst in credit risk management, score card development, business intelligence etc.”

What Skills do Graduates Need?

“Apart from technical skills, graduates need teamwork skills, communication skills, presentation skills and language skills.”