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Alumni Sharing

Banking and Finance  

Lam Yan Ling (Management Trainee, 2019 graduate)

“Management trainee (MT) post helps graduates to unleash their potential through multiple business function rotations within a short period of 2 to 3 years. MNC with more resources being devoted to trainees may also offer compulsory overseas training opportunities to trainees to increase their international exposure and to prepare for being promoted to the management level shortly. Every year, MT programmes from the banking industry attract at least several thousands of students to turn in their resumes.

To secure an offer, we may need to start the preparation from the beginning of the recruitment season and keep an eye on industry news and updates of our dream company. Great product and technical knowledge can impress recruiters and increase the chance to be selected. It is also useful to train Assessment Centre skills and Online Reasoning Assessment skills by participating in workshops organised by the career centre. During assessments and interviews, we may try to showcase the unique analytical abilities we have under BANL training and do not forget to be our own self and relax!”

Lo Chun Ting (Management Trainee, 2019 graduate)

“BANL is one of the most practical programs, which not only trains students to be an analytical and logical thinker, but also equips us with most sought-after programming skills for statistical and data analysis. The BANL major courses cultivated my ability to diagnose problems, analyze data, identify patterns and devise solutions, which I believe are of significant importance regardless of the industry and the role. These skills provided me with big advantages to land internships in the banking and financial services industry, and lay the foundation for me to become a management trainee at a bank soon. ”

Luk Yan Lin (Analyst, 2019 graduate)

“Flashing back to 2015 when I first entered CityU as a freshman, I was filled with anxiety and worries; but at the same time, I was dreaming about the fruitful campus life in the coming years. In this four-year time, intensive training and uncountable opportunities successfully transform myself into an all-rounded individual, who is ready to compete with others and contribute to our society. I have received much more than I expected. Not only do I have the chance to work in different well-established companies, but also have the opportunity to study abroad. All these valuable experiences unlash my potential and help me to pave my career path. ”

Wong Yee Ching (Graduate Trainee, 2019 graduate)

“I have developed an analytical and logical mindset with the help of the comprehensive and well designed courses provided by BANL. The programming, analytical and statistical courses have not only strengthened my computer skills and numeric sensitiveness, but also stimulated me to look for the root causes of every question— asking why.

Also thanks to the career coaching and networking activities organised by BANL professors. I was lucky to receive a banking internship opportunity, which I got a taste on the banking industry and hands on experiences of analytical tools.

The trainings and all the opportunities offered have definitely played an important role in my career planning, enabling me to stretch myself and got more career options.”

Yung Wing (Analyst, 2019 graduate)

“There are various things that could be done during the university life and those experiences would help to gain advantages in getting your first job. Getting into Business Analysis give me a chance to learn SAS and analytical skills which prepare me for internship and also my first job- IT Advisory in Big Four.

Internship is the most meaningful and useful experience, and you can practise your analytical skills learnt in BANL. I went to Shanghai for my very first consulting internship. This was really fun and I learned much through this internship. I knew how consultancy works and how consultancy helps the clients to solve problems. I organised my first focus group and one-on-one interview, and learned how to prepare project documents. This is really helpful for my graduation job.”

James Fu (Operations Graduate Analyst, 2018 graduate)

“The features of BANL is to equip students with the statistical analytic skills and logical thinking ability. What I found most important in the business world is good communication and the ability to learn things quickly. The courses and training provided by MS Department definitely help a lot when settling down in a company for fresh graduate like me."

Ken Fung (Graduate Trainee, 2018 graduate)

“What is data analysis? It is to understand the future by knowing the past.

Since high volume of data is being generated every single day in the workplace, no business can escape from making use of data analytics. Throwing back to my bachelor degree program with major in BANL, I was equipped with analytical and software tools to discover useful information for decision making. From statistical theory to predictive model and risk management, I was given plenty of learning opportunities, including but not limited to cross border case competition, professional workshops and business internship.

All in all, BANL helps me to understand the future through deep data analysis.”

Mok Nga Nga (Assistant Manager, 2017 graduate)

“The BANL major equips me SAS programming and advanced Excel skills. Through the course projects, I learn the whole analytic process from sourcing raw data to transferring the data into useful information. These hands-on experience provides me a solid ground in analytics world and I can promptly get used to my job role and put to use what I have learnt from BANL.”
Yeung Ka Ching Christine (Risk Officer, 2017 graduate)

“The BANL bachelor degree program helps turning students into strong and professional candidates in different industries related to Big Data. Through the program, I master analytical skills, statistical knowledge, and the application of programming related to Data Mining. These skills and experiences are crucial in facilitating data analysis and model development in my workplace.”
Hanson Chiu (Senior Consultant, 2016 graduate)

“Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. Everyone seems to be talking about how to handle this huge amount of data – big data. Advanced predictive analytics dealing with big data seem extremely difficult and impossible for undergraduate students. However, in Business Analysis, students are well-trained step-by-step from foundation to advanced level with technological theories, practical assignments and projects. The Data mining challenge was the final competition before my graduation, aimed at testing the knowledge gained throughout my university study.”

More sharing of his experience can be found in  
Fong Yee Hung Yvonne (Assistant Retail Risk Analytics Manager, 2016 graduate)

“Big Data is one of the hottest topics in this Century. BANL provides an excellent studying environment for students to get familiar with big data analytical work in both theoretical and practical ways. I have learnt not only comprehensive statistical techniques, but also programming skills being used in real business world. I am so delightful that those well-organized courses arouse my interests and give me courage to begin my journey in the area of data analytics.”
Eric Lo (Credit Risk Manager, 2014 graduate)

Peter Yeung (Customer Data Analyst, 2014 graduate)

Jordy Chan (Credit Risk Officer, 2014 graduate)

Yim Cheong Hung (Manager, 2014 graduate)

Samuel Chui (Event Marketing Manager, 2014 graduate)
Peggy Chan (Credit Risk Manager, 2007 graduate)

Apple Hui (Regional Risk Manager, 2007 graduate)
Government Sector, Communication and IT Companies  

Li Hau Chi Yoyo (Technical Consultant, 2019 graduate)

“To summarise my undergraduate life in one sentence, I would say BANL do open the door of data analytics to me. In here, I write my first line of code, build my first data analytic model, and see statistics from a new perspective.

Most of the courses in this programme are tailored for the professional practices in data analytics. However, we are not bounded to what we learnt in the classes. The solid foundation we built here allows us to dive deeply into the areas that interested us: risk management, machine learning, marketing research, …you name it. I truly appreciated all the opportunities and exposure, from certification workshops to overseas competitions and study tour, that I am given during my study. Step by step, I shape my career goal and enter a field which I am passionate in.


Patty Chang (Statistics Officer for Communication, 2017 graduate)

“The BANL major delivers thorough knowledge of data analytical tools such as SAS, SPSS and R, as well as survey and research methods. These skills are essential not only in the field of Business, but also in international development. Although the major focuses on data analysis in business contexts, all the knowledge and skills are transferable to the setting of international development as well. International organizations have been applying data analysis for humanitarian rescue actions, conducting demography and health surveys for developing countries, drafting development policy, and generating datasets for housing and population census. The BANL major is paramount in building necessary skills for me to succeed in my current role.

Cynthia Chik (Executive Officer, 2015 graduate)

“To stand out from the crowd, I opened myself to different opportunities aiming to know more about the business world. No matter going on exchange or working as an intern, it is valuable to my personal development. I am proud to say that I have gained not only knowledge, but also confidence and happiness throughout these fruitful ‘honeymoon period’ in CityU.”
Carol Lau (Graduate Trainee, 2014 graduate)

Arina Wong (Public Liaison Officer, 2014 graduate)

Yu Ching Man (Senior Credit Risk Officer, 2014 graduate)
Curtis Kwok (Government Statistician, 2011 graduate)
Retail Service Industry  
Kyle Wong (Performance Analyst, 2014 graduate)

Lester Cheung (Analyst, 2014 graduate)
Ryan Chang (Assistant Vice President, 2009 graduate)
Sharing by 2008-2011 Graduates  
Kenneth Man (Director)
Ryan Chang (Assistant Vice President)
Jessica Ma (Manager of Performance Management)
Kenneth Young (Data Scientist)
Mani So (Assistant Vice President)
Michael Poon (Senior Associate)
Sharing by 2004-2008 Graduates  
2004-2008 Graduates
Maggie Cheung (Database Marketing & Analytics Officer)
Grace Chow (Assistant Manager)
Chris Chu (Credit Risk Officer)
Iris Ho (Revenue Planning Coordinator)
Ma Chi Ki (Business Analyst)
C.H. Wong (Database Marketing & Analytics Officer)
Ray Wong (Credit Risk Officer)
Sharing by 2003 Graduates  
2003 MST graduates
Carol Au (Credit MIS Analyst)
Carmen Chan (Client Service Assistant)
Wendy Chan (Documentation Specialist)
Abby Cheng (Case Administrator)
Louise Huang (Teaching Assistant)
Horace Jang (Business Development Executive)
Lowina Lam (Administrator)
Amy Lee (Risk Analyst)
Ruby Ng (Credit MIS Analyst)
Oswald Sit (Research Executive)
Hazel Wong (Logistic Support)
Karmen Wu (Risk Analyst)
Faye Tsang (Marketing Assistant)
May Yam (Teacher)

More Sharing from Alumni

MST program can enhance me on the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks. Although risk can never truly be eliminated entirely, having an effective plan in place can help mitigate the risk and control costs Mr Chu Sen, Chris, Credit Risk Management Manager, SME Banking, Standard Chartered Bank, 2006 BBA MST Graduate
The knowledge - “statistics, data mining theories and practical skills such as SAS programming and Excel” I got from MST program is the huge support on my career development in banking analytics field. Mr Ma Chi Ki, Senior Analyst, Customer Analytics Department, Standard Chartered Bank, 2007 BBA MST Graduate
This program has the right mix of theories and practical skills. The knowledge I gained from this program enables me to integrate into working quickly and assists my career development in the field of business analysis. Mr Lam Shun Yau, Revenue Management & Analytics Department, Hong Kong Disneyland, 2008 BBA MST Graduate
Knowledge of SQL and Excel VBA are significant skills in my job. And the assignments done in the university, such as MS4215 Enterprise Data Warehousing and MS4216 Applied Multivariate Statistics, really trained my analytical thinking. Recently, I am working on some creative projects which are valuable for my company. Mr. Atrick Lam, Project Analyst, Analysis department, Many Wells Property Agent Ltd, 2013 BBA MST Graduate
SAS program skill and SQL and analytical mindset learned in this program are essential to my job. Moreover, different types of regression techniques, clustering and standardize process, the process of preparing valid analysis and basic knowledge of data mining are needed. Mr. Ling Ho Tak Tony, Junior statistician, Numsight marketing consultant company, 2013 BBA MST Graduate
3 years MST program trained me up to become a qualified person to my career now. The program helped me to build up the fundamental knowledge of different business aspects and strengthen my analytical skill through quantitative and qualitative approaches, which are quite essential to my job now. Mr Lok Wong, Specialist, The Nielsen Company Limited, 2013 BBA MST Graduate
Multi-tasking, good time management and business analysis learned from the program are very important and useful to my job, as I need to prepare and deliver various types of agency related reports, analysis and dashboards. Besides, I am also responsible to perform business analysis and provide comments & recommendations and maintain accurate agency hierarchy among all systems. Emily Lo, Junior Business Analyst, AIA Administrative and Business Development Department, 2013 BBA MST graduate