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Operations management (OM) is the art and science of transforming ideas into actions.  As cost efficiency, customer responsiveness and operational flexibility have become crucial in the competitive and rapidly changing market, operational excellence has emerged to the forefront of many companies’ strategic concerns.  Through the design of business flows and processes as well as the efficient and effective use of resources, including people, money, time and other resources, OM helps organizations to co-create value with customers, maximize sustainable profits and achieve operational excellence.

The BBA in Business Operations Management (BOM) programme aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to tackle the operations challenges of contemporary managers. Courses in the BOM programme provide students domain specific knowledge in operations management and relevant analytics tools. Besides, the curriculum also includes components that specifically train students in various soft skills such as presentation, problem solving and decision making. Other than internships and exchanges, our students are also engaged in real-world company projects. In the projects, their work identify operations improvement opportunities for companies, propose and implement improvement solutions, and present their findings and results to senior executives. The goal is to train students with all-round knowledge in order to excel in their chosen future career paths.

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