There are many career opportunities in operations and supply chain management. Students with the analytical skills sets offered through the MScOSCM programme will find job opportunities in a wide variety of industry sectors including consulting, distribution, third-party logistics service providers, retail, banking, and procurement/sourcing and supply chain functions within a manufacturing organization.

Operations and supply chain management are vital to organizations in service businesses, as well as those involved in the production and delivery of products. Hong Kong, as a global service centre, plays a major role in interfacing between suppliers and customers around the world. To retain its leading competitive position in serving international markets, it is crucial for Hong Kong businesses to embrace best practices in supply chain management. As a result, companies are increasingly looking for innovative leaders with the vision and skill to manage their supply chains.

China's rapid economic development has increased Hong Kong's importance as a gateway between East and West. As about fifty percent of China's trade involves processing and assembly work exported overseas, Hong Kong's position as the most important transport and logistics hub in Asia is set to strengthen with the Mainland's continued economic development. Therefore, there are significant manpower requirements in logistics operations and supply chain management.