There are many career opportunities in operations and supply chain management. Students with the analytical skills sets offered through the MScOSCM program will find job opportunities in a wide variety of industry sectors including consulting, distribution, third-party logistics service providers, retail, banking, and procurement/sourcing and supply chain functions within a manufacturing organization.

Niche Area: Supply Chain/Logistics Management

  • Supply Chain Manager/Analyst:
  • Uses analytical/quantitative methods to predict, understand, and enhance supply chain processes. Responsible for assembling data, analyzing performance, and developing recommendations which support the management of a supply chain.

  • Logistic Manager/Analyst:
  • Evaluates, selects, and manages transportation carriers for inbound goods. Manages relationships with carriers and internal customers to ensure the timely delivery of goods.

Niche Area: Service/Operations Management

  • Operations Manager/Analyst:
  • Uses scheduling and forecasting abilities, knowledge of statistical process control, and interpersonal skills. Responsible for coordinating daily operations schedules and forecasting future needs.

  • Production Manager/Specialist:
  • Develops and implements plans to optimize production cost. Responsible for production quality. Monitors inventory flow through the system, and works on stock location and order picking strategies to optimize work flow, utilization, and productivity.

Niche Area: Materials Procurement & Management

  • Procurement/Sourcing Manager:
  • Works with internal customers and external suppliers to efficiently and effectively manage the purchasing process for the goods and services needed by the company. Responsible for identifying sources of supply, evaluating and selecting suppliers, negotiating contracts, and managing relationships with suppliers.

  • Production Manager/Specialist:
  • Manages raw materials and/or components needed for manufacturing. Responsible for inbound inventory levels. Coordinates with purchasing, manufacturing and supplier to ensure reliable, cost efficient delivery of the raw materials to the production line.