Student Feedback

Shuo Rao

Shuo Rao (2014-15)

Current Position: Project coordinator, an Aerospace Telecommunication company (某航天科技公司)

CityU’s OSCM program provides me a solid foundation of Supply Chain Management, various analytical tools for practical uses, and also plenty of extracurricular activities. Base on my studies on SCM in the past few years, I found this major can be applied to different industry and the scope of your career opportunities will not be limited to a specific area.

Even though this program only takes one year, a variety of informative courses and considerate professors fulfilled all my wants and needs towards to the major, especially the course of Applied Project, which provide a great chance for me and my other two classmates to join a six-months internship at Metro Group Buying HK limited, utilizing we have learned at CityU in the real business world, this experience gave me a lot of help in my career development, and this is also a major reason why I chose CityU at the very beginning.

All in all, I felt it was very lucky to spend a year at CityU by receiving the newest SCM information, and knowing so many warm-hearted professors and passionate classmates.

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WEI Mengduo

WEI Mengduo, Raymond (2014-15)

Current Position: ERP Support Officer, Carrefour Global Sourcing Asia Limited.(HK)

Being a graduate of MScOSCM is one of the most amazing things in my life. Outstanding professors, convenient facilities and rich resources are all at your service. The experience in projects and activities strengthened myself both academically and mentally. If you do have willingness to pursue SCM knowledge, the resources OSCM provides you can be enough to equip you with high competency and professional perspective in job-hunting and daily work.

This program definitely changed my life and I believe you will also be grateful and confident as me after one year's unforgettable life in CityU.

XIE Bo Jun

XIE Bo Jun (2014-15)

Current Position: Data Mining Engineer in an insurance company



ZHANG Runqing

ZHANG Runqing (2014-15)

Current Position: Assistant Inventory Manager, Walmart China.

The City University of Hong Kong offers me a very good platform for further study. From the library resources to the learning environment, it is a very outstanding choice for students. The Operations and Supply Chain Management major of CityU provides me lots of senses in the analyzing and models. This major helps me a lot in recent position, not only in my own business development but also in the daily chat with other inventory managers in the modelling setting. Students can really learn more from this major while they are really interested in the field of supply chain.

ZHANG huishu

ZHANG, Huishu (2013-15)

Current Position: Student once on exchange at Germany

Application and preparation

When I first heard that there was such an exchange program within our department, I was so excited because gaining some overseas experience would be beneficial. Many other students were also looking forward to this program. Since there were so many of us, we even create a WeChat group to discuss and share related information. We wrote tons of emails asking Professor David Li, Dora, and Winnie about everything of the program. Their detailed answers helped us to get a general picture of the whole program:

Details of the program

We can choose to exchange in Austria or Germany. Since the opportunity to study in German was more precious to me, I chose to go to Germany. Our co-operated school is a private school with 5 campuses in big cities in Germany: Munich, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Hamburg and Cologne. The tuition fee for each semester is more than 4000 EUR, and other expenditures, like accommodation and transportation, are all exclusive of the tuition fee. Each campus provides different subjects of courses, exchange students can choose one campus based on the city, the course or the other factors that they are interested in.

When it came to the second semester, most of people in the WeChat group changed their mind about going abroad. One of the main reasons was that although the exchange period is one semester, the graduation time will be delayed for one year. Besides, the tuition fee and other expenditure was more expensive than normal price, because most German universities don’t charge tuition fees. The two factors did matter to me, but my will was so strong, so when the others were celebrating graduation in their academic dress, I came to Hamburg, Germany.

Something about school: ISM

Our co-operated school, located in the center of the city, is quite close to most of the famous sightseeing points in Hamburg. The staff and local students are very considerate and helpful. They not only gave us a lot of directions on how to find an apartment in the city, supported us to do visa extension, helped us open a German bank account, but also organized many events to make us know more students within or out of the class. In order to make it easier for us to get adapted to the life in Hamburg, they even made a program, “Buddy”, to arrange a designated student to help us settle down.

Study and classmates

I am not in the normal class, actually all of the exchange students form a new class. The classmates are from Russia, France, Turkey, Canada, England, Sweden, Denmark, Slovakia and China, and we enjoyed the multi-cultural environment very much. We hang out in the city after class, go travel together in weekends and holiday, we also play jokes with each other and try to speak the others’ languages. If someone knows some useful information or knows some fun place, we will post it on our social net groups so that everyone can benefit from the wisdom of all. I don’t feel nervous or lonely here, on the contrast, sometimes I feel more relaxed and free than before.

My feeling

As an optimist, I am sure that I will have a lot of great time in the future. This exchange experience will be an unforgettable and precious memory for me. Sometimes I wonder what my life will be if I didn’t come here. I might be working in the office, earning high salaries like most of my fellow students. I am a little envious of them for 2 or 3 times, especially when I want to buy something too expensive for a student who is still supported by family. However, for most of the time, I feel lucky that I am here, because I will have a job anyway, but I may have no opportunity to get here at such an age with boundless possibility anymore.

ZHANG huishu photos

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LI Zhenbang

LI Zhenbang (2013-14)

Current Position: 投資分析師,深圳前海聯合金融股權投資基金管理有限公司

城大的企業運營與供應鏈管理學碩士課程對我的職業發展起了非常大的催化劑作用。深造之前曾在沃爾瑪中國總部負責一線的採購與供應鏈庫存管理分析工作。因此,上課或研究案例的時候能更好的理解其中精髓。其次,該門課程提供了很多分析工具和方法,這有益於日後的工作並訓練了我的分析思路。再有,該課程也幫我重新系統地梳理瞭如何從企業層面進行有效的供應鏈的管理,更重要的是培養了我如何用更宏觀的視角對產業鏈上下游進行分析。 需要強調的是,城大的企業運營與供應鏈管理課程提供的應用研究畢業項目非常實用,對我職業非常貢獻巨大。

PENG Zhaoyu

PENG Zhaoyu (2013-14)

Current position: 深圳市紅籌投資有限公司傳媒互聯網行業研究員


Oliver Mattheis

Oliver Mattheis (2013-14)

Current Position: Supply Chain Collaboration Manager at Gibson Innovations

The City University of Hong Kong offers a terrific study environment in the center of Hong Kong. Beside excellent studying and learning facilities with the newest technology, the University also provides outstanding sport facilities leading to a great work-life balance. Studying in Hong Kong offered me to experience an international environment and allowed me to improve my intercultural skills. The program MSc Operations Supply Chain Management allowed me to study the theory combined with practical insights from various guest speakers out of different industries and sectors.

QIN Chao

QIN Chao (2013-14)

Current Position: Risk Consultant at an Internet Credit Rating company

MscOSCM 不僅僅是一個學習的經歷,還提供了我人生中許多種可能。在課程中,教授會模擬現實中供應鏈管理的場景,讓我從真實的場景思考,通過建立模型去增加利潤,縮減成本;我也有參觀很多優秀公司的機會,聆聽管理者在運營上的經驗和麵臨的挑戰;還能得到在香港優秀公司中鍛煉的機會,比如Parkn Shop,HIT,Cigna Insurance,Kerry Logistics,etc;BTW,我也通過和公司合作,解決了就業問題。總的來說,這一年的學習經歷是非常豐富而忙碌的。唯一遺憾的是只有一年的學習生涯。



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TIN Yik Keung,Sam TIN

TIN Yik Keung,Sam TIN (2013-14)

Current Position: An Entrepreneur, the Founder of Makeup Gallery Limited and Shenzhen Yiteng Information Technology Co., Ltd.



ZHOU, Jia (2013-14)

Current Position: Senior Analyst at a consulting company

The year at CityU’s MScOSCM program was an unforgettable experience. My only regret was one year seemed too short. I wish I could spent more time learning from my lovely peers and knowledgeable professors.

Through the well-organized courses, I gained much knowledge on operation and supply chain management. Quite different from the classes in mainland, here curiosity and active learning were encouraged. In the classes, my mind was greatly opened and learning was not boring, instead, it was of great fun. I had many favorite courses. For example, supply chain management gave me a comprehensive idea about how business works and benefits from integrated supply chain. Also, I learned about the new popular trend of supply chain finance. The course not only taught classical ideas, but also provided cutting-edge ideas. What’s more, project management trained me to see the big picture, in other word, “think big and do small”. I also got familiar with time management and risk management, which helped me to take balance when making choices. Game theory gave me the introduction to strategic thinking, and I had much fun when dealing with different “dilemma” from the courses. The courses were all beyond my expectation -- learning became part of my life and I felt fulfillment -- any other things more exciting than that?

OSCM also offered me the opportunity to apply theory into real business environment. In semester B, I got the chance to join a project with two excellent classmates, which was sponsored by Metro Group Buying HK. Through the project, we worked as trainees to identify problems in logistic process and try to use what we learnt to solve the problems, under useful guidance by our professors. The way of training student to solve problem through project is quite helpful to me: it not only enriched our work experience, but also helped the company to achieve higher efficiency. Thanks to OSCM, I was not just learning in classes, I also got some sort of work experience as well.

One year experience as a student of CityU’s MScOSCM program was an impressive experience: I tasted happiness by learning new ideas as well as facing new challenges; I improved myself by becoming more open-minded and humble. But the most impressive thing was meeting those excellent and generous people there. In OSCM, I love the great thinking of my professors, who were always generous to share all their valuable experience with students. They were willing to offer all kinds of help when we encountered difficulty, both academically and personally. Moreover, their great personality showed that they are not only rich in teaching experience, but also in being a great life tutor. Furthermore, there was many chance to cooperate with classmates who came from different countries. You can benefit from sharing views with your peers to receive inspiration, and more importantly, to build life-long friendship. Knowledge is only a part you take from OSCM, the most valuable part is to build connection with excellent people and learn good characteristics from them.

Learning from professors, learning form peers, and learning from myself. I will always remember those wonderful memories. I am glad and thankful for being part of them, and our stories are still carrying on…

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Cheng Liyang

CHENG, Liyang (2012-13)

Current Position: Interpreter/Field Administrator for A subcontractor of Black & Veatch

What benefits me most is that CityU, as well as MScOSCM, is always keeping current on what's happening out there. Some theories might be old, but they get rejuvenated when you apply them on the latest topics. It's a great mindset to always keep updated, which is also the key to the SCM.

Not only the degree, the theories and the library help, the people - professors, school-mates and friends you encounter in the new environment will make you better. It's THE opportunity of a lifetime. Do reach out for them, and make the best of it!

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WANG, Annie

WANG, Annie (2012-13)

Current Position: Controller at a Sourcing Firm, at MGB

CityU’s MScOSCM enhanced my career development a lot. It provided me a set of useful toolkit as a solid foundation to analyze and understand the business. I learned many models and theories, most of which are very practical and applicable in the real business environment. Besides the knowledge taught in class, I also learned how to do research and how to find or build a proper model to solve a specific problem. Actually, this program also provided us a great opportunity to practice in the real business world. Thanks to its good connection with the world famous companies, such as Lenovo, ParknShop,etc, students could earn project-based consulting experience during the one year study.

With such an extensive exposure to practical professional training, I made a lot of progress in my career development.

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XIE Shihong

XIE Shihong (2012-13)

Current Position: Service Depot Supervisor, SF Express Delivery Business Group


ZHANG, Shuang Summer (2012-13)

Current Position: Global Supply Chain Project Manager at a UK sports, outdoor and fashion brand management company

MScOSCM program is not just an education. It is a career changing opportunity for me to embark on a promising professional life in Supply Chain. Via this program, I sharpened my knowledge and skill set, which enable me to uncover savvy supply chain solutions and industry best practices. If you aspire to assume an analytical job in supply chain as I do, be sure to elevate your data analysis and IT skills via courses such as Managerial Decision Modeling and E-Logistics & ERP. The IT knowledge, data analysis methodology and problem solving approach I gained from this program have helped me design innovative supply chain solutions to succeed in a fast-moving business environment.