Department of Management Sciences
College of Business - City University of Hong Kong AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System

Research Staff

Position Name Email Tel. Office
Research Fellow Ms. LEUNG Hera Email 34429286 AC3-5-216
Research Fellow Dr. LUO Jun Email 34428672 AC2-5015
Research Fellow Dr. WONG Ho Ting Email 34428647 AC3-5-216
Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. GUAN Jingjing Email 34428590 AC3-5-216
Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. XIE Yangyang Email 34429749 AC3-5-216
Senior Research Associate Miss CHAU Cheuk Wing Email 34422947 AC3-5-216
Research Associate Dr. CHEN Yongtong Email - NSB-706
Research Associate Mr. QI Zhou Email - NSB-706
Research Associate Miss YANG Qiulin Email 34428647 AC3-5-216
Research Associate Mr. ZHANG Kun Email - -
Research Assistant Mr. CHING Chun Cheung Email - AC3-5-216
Research Assistant Miss CHIU Chiu Yee Cherry Email - -
Research Assistant Mr. FENG Xiaoyi Email - AC3-5-216
Research Assistant Miss KWAN Sepmeyer Email - AC3-5-237
Research Assistant Mr. LAM Hang Fu Email - -
Research Assistant Miss LAU Oi Yee Grace Email - AC3-5-216
Research Assistant Mr. LAU Yun Mo Email - AC3-5-237
Research Assistant Miss LI Ka Ching Email - AC3-5-237
Research Assistant Mr. MAK Sai Wing Email 34428657 AC3-5-216
Research Assistant Miss NG Shuk Yan Email 34429634 -
Research Assistant Mr. XUE Yu Email - NSB-706
Research Assistant Ms. YU Peiwen Email 34429358 AC3-5-216