Operations Research Full-time, New Retail Supply Chain Platform at Alibaba, Hangzhou/Beijing, CN

Job Description:
    The algorithm team in New Retail Supply Chain Platform at Alibaba is looking for a passionate, talented and creative Operations Research expert who is able to apply his/her expertise in Optimization (linear programming, integer programing and nonlinear programming), Statistics and Simulation to improve supply chain efficiency, demand forecasting accuracy and revenue management.


  1. Build mathematical programming/reinforcement learning/data-driven optimization models to optimize operations efficiency.
  2. Apply advanced statistics and data mining techniques to analyze and make insights from big data such as simulation/experiments data.
  3. To undertake the algorithm design, development, deployment and monitoring for supply chain management at Tmall.com.
  4. Perform quantitative, economic, and numerical analysis of the performance of supply chain systems under uncertainty using statistical and optimization tools to find both exact and heuristic solutions strategies for business problems.
  5. Partner with internal stakeholders on projects to identify and articulate opportunities to access and manipulate data, perform analysis, present results and build efficient and scalable analytics solutions.

Desired skills:

  1. Thorough knowledge in optimization (include but not limited to linear programming, integer programming, non linear programming and data-driven optimization (include reinforcement learning)).
  2. Deep understanding of advanced statistics and simulations.
  3. Experience in solving practical problems in industry.
  4. Proficient in CPLEX, Gurobi or COIN-OR.
  5. Proficient in SQL.
  6. Proficient in Java, C++, or other object oriented programming language.
  7. Proficient in Shell script language.
  8. Experience in performance data query and data manipulation on Hadoop and Spark is preferred.
  9. Experience in TensorFlow is preferred.

Why you should apply:
    Alibaba has the largest business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) online retail platforms accounting for more than 4820 billion CNY (768 billion USD) of GMV (FY2018) with a growth rate of more than 30% YoY. What is more, Alibaba Group also owns assets in offline retail including Intime Retail Group and 36.16% percent stakes in Sun Art Retail. Here in Alibaba you will have the opportunity to utilize the largest scale data of customer behaviors to derive great potentials for our business. You will be surrounded with passionate people who have lots of experience in solving real world problems! We're a tight-knit team doing big things. We value innate intelligence, the curiosity to learn and the ability to solve hard problems with the cutting edge of techniques. We reward innovation, creativity, initiative and teamwork (Contact info.: tanfu.zyd@alibaba-inc.com).