Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) is a multi-disciplinary university that encompasses such areas as engineering, management, economics, law, liberal arts, and science, with a special emphasis on shipping technology, economics and management. Its predecessor was the Shipping Section of Shanghai Industrial College founded in 1909 (towards the end of the Qing Dynasty). In 2008, Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China reached an agreement to make joint efforts to build Shanghai Maritime University.

    At present the university runs 2 post-doctoral research stations, 19 doctoral programs, 59 master’s degree programs, 47 bachelor’s degree programs, and 10 associate degree programs. To integrate with the FTZ building, China Institute of FTZ supply chain was founded by university in 2013 to further promote the FTZ transition from goods trade to service trade Moreover, university also establishes Shanghai Advanced Institute of International Shipping( SAIIS), for the purpose of forging well-known shipping finance education brand home and abroad and building high-level shipping talents output base.

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1. Areas of Recruitment

Shanghai Municipal Gaofeng Grant Support Discipline: Logistics Engineering and Management (Management Science and Engineering)
Shanghai Municipal Gaoyuan Grant Support Discipline: Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Communications and Transportation Engineering
Other Discipline of Recruitment:Electrical Engineering and Automation,Mechanical Engineering,Computer Science and Technology,International Law (Maritime Law).

2. Talent Plan: “Three Key Projects” in Talents Introduction

2.1 “Pilot Project”

First-level: Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering.
Second-level: National talent support programs: Specialists from the Thousand Talents program,Specialists from Changjiang Scholars Program of Ministry of Education, winners of National Science Foundation for Outstanding Youths, the leading talents at equivalent level.
Third-level: Shanghai Talent support programs (e.g.) members of Shanghai “1000 Talent Plan”, Shanghai Outstanding Academic Leaders Plan, the Program for Professor of Special Appointment (Eastern Scholar) at Shanghai Institutions of Higher Learning, National "1000 Youth Talents Plan" and other leading talents at equivalent level.

2.2 “Voyage Project”

Distinguished Professor: A doctoral degree obtained from a world-renowned university is required; senior professional title (for the appointee with a foreign citizenship, doctoral degree be obtained for more than 3 years, holding the position of associate professorship or above or other equivalent posts in overseas well-known universities). And carry out innovative research in academic foreland, acquire important achievements, display strong academic potentials.

2.3 “Starting Project”

Excellent Talents with doctorate and postdoctoral degrees abroad.

3. Salaries and Benefits

3.1 “Pilot Project”

The first-level: favorable conditions on housing, relocation allowances, research and experimental conditions and offer research assistants. Salaries and benefits can be negotiated.
The second-level: the annual salary of CNY 600,000-1,000,000 with a free apartment or relocation allowances.
The third-level: the annual salary of CNY400, 000-600,000, be eligible to purchase an apartment at a discounted rate with house-purchase subsidy or be offered relocation allowances.

3.2 “Voyage Project”: the annual salary of CNY 300,000-500,000, be eligible to purchase an apartment at a discounted rate or be offered relocation allowances.

For the above two Projects:other affairs include experimental laboratory, start-up funding, research team building can be negotiated during the interview.

3.3 “Starting Project”: research initiating fund and relocation allowances of CNY 200,000-300,000 in total. The annual salary of CNY 150,000 can be offered for those made extraordinary achievements in recent 5 years and the position of professor and associate professor can be offered as well.

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