Department of Management Sciences
College of Business - City University of Hong Kong AACSB International EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System



Date Title Speaker
12-07-2016 What They Don't Tell You in Graduate School about Academic Careers

Prof Nicholas G. Hall

The Ohio State University

24-06-2016 Incentive Contracting With Operational Considerations

Dr Tinglong Dai

Johns Hopkins University

14-06-2016 What Did They Just Say You Said?

Dr Barry D. Nussbaum

President-Elect, American Statistical Association


Optimal Randomized Unbiased Monte Carlo Simulation
of Discounted Costs

Dr Zhenyu Cui

Stevens Institute of Technology

10-06-2016 Factor Model for High Dimensional Matrix Valued Time Series

Dr Rong Chen

Department of Statistics and Biostatistics
Rutgers University

08-06-2016 Causal Modeling and Machine Learning: How They Benefit Each Other

Dr Kun Zhang

Carnegie Mellon University

24-05-2016 Appointment Systems under Service Level Constraints

Dr Rowan Wang

Singapore Management University


Data-Driven Patient Scheduling in Emergency Departments:
A Hybrid Robust–Stochastic Approach

Dr Meilin Zhang

National University of Singapore

06-05-2016 Statistical Considerations: How to avoid rejection by journals

Prof Andy Lee

Curtin University

21-04-2016 Pooling Queues with Work-Averse Servers

Dr Guillaume Roels

UCLA Anderson School of Management

20-04-2016 Do Consumers Benefit from Dynamic Pricing?

Prof. Guillermo Gallego

Department of Industrial Engineering and Logistic Management
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

11-04-2016 Enabling Collaborative Response to Service Disruptions: the Interplay between Commitment and Risk Aversion

Mr Marc Jansen

University of Cambridge Judge Business School

26-02-2016 Dual-time Data Modeling and Dynamic Prediction

Dr Aijun ZHANG

Hong Kong Baptist University

25-02-2016 Tests for Heteroscedasticity in High-dimensional Regressions

Ms Zhaoyuan LI

The University of Hong Kong

22-02-2016 PIE: Simple, Scalable and Accurate Posterior Interval Estimation

Dr Cheng LI

Duke University

01-02-2016 Green Technology Development and Adoption: Competition, Regulation, and Uncertainty – A Global Game Approach

Mr Xin Wang,

Carnegie Mellon University

29-01-2016 Priority Scheduling of Jobs with Unknown Types

Dr. Zhankun Sun,

University of Calgary

22-01-2016 First Ranked First To Serve: Strategic Agents in a Service Contest

Mr. Konstantinos Stouras,

INSEAD Business School

21-01-2016 An integrated heterogeneous Poisson model for neuron functions in hand movement during reaching and grasp

Dr Shu-chuan Chen,

Idaho State University

13-01-2016 Supply Chain Risks and Financial performance: Evidence from Demand-Supply Mismatches

Prof Vinod Singhal,

Georgia Institute of Technology

12-01-2016 Firm Performance and Risk in Supply Chain Networks

Mr. Jing Wu,

University of Chicago Booth School of Business

11-01-2016 Optimal Estimation and Goodness-of-Fit Test of Coarse Structural Nested Mean Models, with Application to the Effect of One-year of HAART in HIV-Positive Patients

Dr Shu Yang,

Harvard University

06-01-2016 Mitigating Supply Uncertainty: The Interplay Between Diversification and Pricing

Dr Tao Li,

Santa Clara University

05-01-2016 Trade-in Remanufacturing, Strategic Customer Behavior and Government Subsidies

Mr Philip Renyu Zhang,

Washington University in St. Louis


Date Title Speaker
11-12-2015 Patient Prioritization in Emergency Department Triage Systems: An Empirical Study of Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale (CTAS)

Dr Eric Park,

University of British Columbia

09-12-2015 Collaboration and Multitasking in Networks: Humans versus Machines

Prof Jan Van Mieghem,

Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University

07-12-2015 Optimal Learning and Real-time Decisions under Imperfect Information

Dr Jue Wang,

Queen’s University

01-12-2015 Robust Dynamic Pricing With Strategic Customers

Dr Yiwei Chen,

Renmin University of China

20-11-2015 Managing Office Revisit Intervals and Patient Panel Sizes in Primary Care

Dr Sergei Savin,

University of Pennsylvania

19-11-2015 The Encouragement and Development of Good Practice in the Supervision of Research Students

Prof Maxwell King,

Monash University

17-11-2015 Point Optimal Testing: A survey of the Post 1987 Literature

Prof Maxwell King,

Monash University

30-09-2015 On the Time-Consistent Policies for Financial Hedging and Inventory Management: A Dynamic Mean-Variance Analysis

Dr. Zhan Pang,

Lancaster University Management School

19-08-2015 Order Hill’s Estimators

Dr. Tony S T Wong,

Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School

11-08-2015 The Promise and Perils of Collaborative Consumption (Peer-to-Peer Product Sharing)

Prof Saif Benjaafar,

University of Minnesota

22-06-2015 When is Resource Flexibility Valuable? Differences between Facing Uncertainty and Disruption Risks

Dr. Tieming Liu,

Oklahoma State University

19-06-2015 Sourcing with Financing in an Unreliable Supply Chain

Dr. S Alex Yang,

London Business School

16-06-2015 Responsive Pricing Newsvendor with Demand Forecast Updating

Dr. Geoffrey Chua,

Nanyang Technological University

05-06-2015 A Two-echelon Inventory System with A Minimum Order Quantity Requirement

Mr Han Zhu,

City University of Hong Kong

05-06-2015 Branch-and-Price-and-Cut for the Combined Combinational Auction and Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows

Mr Zhenzhen Zhang,

City University of Hong Kong

15-05-2015 Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Control with Nonparametric Demand Learning

Prof Xiuli Chao,

University of Michigan

05-05-2015 Reductions of Approximate Linear Programs for Network Revenue Management

Dr Dan Zhang,

University of Colorado Boulder

29-04-2015 Increasing Supply Chain Robustness through Process Flexibility and Inventory

Dr. Yehua Wei,

Duke University

17-04-2015 Threshold Regression With A Threshold Boundary

Dr. Ping Yu,

University of Hong Kong

05-03-2015 Functional Graphical Models

Mr Howard Xinghao Qiao,

The University of Southern California

13-02-2015 From a Multi-skilled Multi-location Staff-Scheduling Problem to the Mixed Set Covering, Packing and Partitioning Polytope

Dr Yong-Hong Kuo,

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

05-02-2015 Asymptotic Trimming and Rate Adaptive Inference for Endogenous Selection Estimates

Mr Thomas Tao YANG,

Boston College

09-01-2015 Service Region Design for Urban Electric Vehicle Sharing Systems

Mr Long HE,

University of California

07-01-2015 Applying Machine Learning in Online Revenue Management

Prof David Simchi-Levi,


06-01-2015 Predicting and Understanding Medium Term Occupancy Congestion at Acute Care Facilities

Prof Derek Atkins,

University of British Columbia


Date Title Speaker
12-12-2014 Mitigating the Bullwhip Effect in Multi-Product Systems with Uncertain Demand Facing Inflexible Production Schedules and Transportation Economies of Scale

Prof Candace Yano,

University of California

24-09-2014 Big Data Big Bias Small Surprise

Prof Syed Ejaz Ahmed,

Brock University

19-09-2014 Unsold versus Unbought Commitment: Minimum Total Commitment Contracts with Nonzero Setup Costs

Ms LIU Xing,

City University of Hong Kong

16-09-2014 Frequentist Model Averaging for Ordered Probit and Nested Logit Models

Ms Chen Longmei,

City University of Hong Kong

15-07-2014 A Unified Approach for Volatility Estimation in the Presence of Both Rounding and Random Market Microstructure Noise

Dr. Yingying Li,

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

11-07-2014 Asymmetric Adjustment and Volatility Spillover between Brent and WTI Crude Oil

Ms Liu Xiaotao,

City University of Hong Kong

11-07-2014 Modelling Dependence between European Electricity Markets with Constant and Time-varying Copulas

Mr DU Jiangze,

City University of Hong Kong

05-06-2014 Sequential Multi-Product Price Competition in Supply Chain Networks (Joint work with Awi Federgruen)

Prof Ming Hu,

University of Toronto

30-05-2014 A Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for the Multi-trip Dial-a-Ride Problem with Manpower Allocation Constraints

Ms Liu Mengyang,

City University of Hong Kong

30-05-2014 The Stowage Stack Minimization Problem with Zero Rehandle Constraint

Ms Wang Ning,

City University of Hong Kong

25-04-2014 Identification and Estimation of Dynamic Factor Models

Dr. Peng Wang,

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

11-04-2014 Continuous-Review (R, nQ) Policies for Inventory Systems with Dual Delivery Modes

Dr. Sean Zhou,

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

04-04-2014 Warranty Pricing with Product Failures and Forward Looking Consumers: an Empirical Approach

Dr. Jingqi Wang,

The University of Hong Kong

28-03-2014 Solving the Markowitz Optimization Problem: A Tale of Sparse Solutions

Dr. Xinghua Zheng,

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

21-03-2014 Approximation Algorithms for Perishable Inventory Systems

Dr. Xiting Gong,

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

19-03-2014 Newsvendor Models for Innovative Products with One-Shot Decision Theory

Prof. Peijun Guo,

Yokohama National University, Japan

07-03-2014 Promoting Interdisciplinary Education in Undergraduate Programs

Dr Mike K P So,

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

28-02-2014 Patient Flow Management in Emergency Departments

Dr Huang Junfei,

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

21-02-2014 Optimal Control of an Emergency Room Triage and Treatment Process

Dr Jingui Xie,

University of Science and Technology of China

13-02-2014 Liking and Following and the Newsvendor: Operations and Marketing Policies under Social Influence

Mr Wu Jiahua,

University of Toronto

12-02-2014 Wavelet Analysis in Spatial Interpolation of High-Frequency Monitoring Data

Dr Xiaohui Shannon Chang,

University of Miami


Date Title Speaker
04-12-2013 A Nonparametric Method For Pricing and Hedging American Options

Miss Feng Guiyun,

City University of Hong Kong

29-11-2013 Social Influence in Consumer Packaged Goods

Dr Sadat Reza,

NUS Business School

20-11-2013 Efficient Estimation of Integrated Volatility Incorporating Trading Information

Dr Yingying Li,

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

08-11-2013 Using Strategic Idleness to Improve Customer Service Experience

Mr Jianfu Wang,

University of Toronto

06-11-2013 A Covariate Selection Criterion for Estimation of Treatment Effects

Prof Lu Xun,

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

24-10-2013 A Hierarchical Bayesian Model of Consumer Learning in Online Penny Auctions

Mr Li Jin,

City University of Hong Kong

24-10-2013 Cross-Market Pairs Trading Strategy Construction

Miss Huang Ying,

City University of Hong Kong

23-10-2013 Parametric Stochastic Programming Models for Call-Center Workforce Scheduling

Prof Yong-Pin Zhou,

University of Hong Kong Business School

16-10-2013 Network Models and Optimization: Hybrid Genetic Algorithms and Applications

Prof Mitsuo Gen,

Japan & National Tsing Hua University

09-10-2013 Supply Chain Innovations for Alleviating Poverty

Prof Christopher S. Tang,

UCLA Anderson School

02-10-2013 An Approximation Algorithm for the Stowage Stack Minimization with the Zero Re-handle Constraint

Ms Wang Ning,

City University of Hong Kong

02-10-2013 Mining Social Media to Predict China Stock

Mr Chen Yibo,

City University of Hong Kong

25-09-2013 Measuring the Performance of Large-Scale Combinatorial Auctions: A Structural Estimation Approach

Dr. Sang Won KIM,

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

18-09-2013 To Buy or Not to Buy Information on Service Quality?  Sometimes It is Enough to Inspect the Queue Only

Dr. Pengfei GUO,

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

17-09-2013 Healthcare Management Science: Two Case Examples from Major US Hospitals

Ms. Lesley Meng,

Massachusetts General Hospital

05-09-2013 Component Procurement Strategies for Assembly-To-Order Systems under Supply Uncertainty

Prof Rick So,

University of California

02-09-2013 Targeting and Sequential Launching in Social Networks

Dr. Ying-ju CHEN,

UC Berkeley

19-06-2013 Toward Mass Adoption of Electric Vehicles: Impacts of the Range and Resale Anxieties

Dr. Michael Lim,

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

14-06-2013 A Bidirectional Building Approach for the 2D Guillotine Knapsack Packing Problem

Mr Wei Lijun,

City University of Hong Kong

14-06-2013 A Greedy Look-ahead Heuristic for the Container Relocation Problem

Mr Jin Bo,

City University of Hong Kong

14-06-2013 A Heuristic to the Multiple Container Loading Problem with Preference

Miss Tian Tian,

City University of Hong Kong

14-06-2013 The Two-Dimensional Vector Packing Problem with Courier Cost Structure

Mr Hu Qian,

City University of Hong Kong

19-04-2013 Binary Quantile Regression with Local Polynomial Smoothing

Prof Chen Songnian,

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

12-04-2013 On the Value of Customer Satisfaction Incentives

Mr Wang Tian,

City University of Hong Kong

05-04-2013 Measures for Evaluating Green Shipping Practices

Dr. Mike Lai Kee-hung,

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

22-03-2013 Demand Uncertainty, Airport Capacity Choice and Application of Real Option

Dr. Xiaowen Fu,

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

15-03-2013 Dynamic Agency, Costly Project Search and Repeated Private Shocks

Dr. Xuhu Wan,

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

08-03-2013 Envy-free Cake Cutting

Dr Qi Qi,

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

22-02-2013 Estimating Sensitivities of Portfolio Credit Risk using Monte Carlo

Mr. Jun Luo,

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

06-02-2013 Examine relationships of volatility indices and stock index returns with state space modeling

Miss Chen Yanhui,

City University of Hong Kong

01-02-2013 Engaging students by assessment and learning activities in statistics courses

Prof Wai-Yin Poon,

Chinese University of Hong Kong