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CityU BBA Students actively participated in Intern Program

2018 MS Internship Program (MS3403)

  1. NO Year 1 and Year 4 students allow to take this course
  2. Attend the internship preparation workshop organized by CB or SDS. Note that you cannot join the internship program without attending this workshop.MS Department will post the workshop details in due course.

  3. Get an internship before July by yourselves (length of internship: at least 6 weeks).Note that Department will try to find internship opportunities which will be released by emails. We will make a remark for these jobs which are required students to enrol MS3403 (like ONLY FOR MS3403). That is, if you get these jobs, you must enrol the course MS3403. Job postings without the remark are just for your information and you can make your decision if you would like to apply MS3403.

  4. After getting an internship, students are required to apply either one of the following options by filling and returning the application form(MS3403) to General Office by the end of the FIRST week of your internship.Application form can be submitted in person to MS General Office or by email
  5. After getting approval, follow your option to finish the course works or submit your documents:


    Within 2 weeks after the internship commenced

    Submission of the 1st reflection report

    ​Submission by email:

    This report should include what are the expected outcomes you will learn from your internship. The list of expected outcomes can be referred to in your program intended learning outcomes (PILOS).

    By 28 August 

    Submission of the 2nd reflection report

    ​Submission by Canvas

    The report is to describe the internship tasks that the student has done, focusing on what has been learned, accomplished or completed. The reflection should match their PILOS, and the second report should have at least 4,000 words excluding references.

    By 28 August 


    Department will contact your supervisor for collecting the Employer Evaluation form in September




    Difference between CB3800 and MS3403

               Can you take CB3800 and MS3403 in the same Summer period? NO!
               CB Internship – CB (


The following is a factsheet of the MS internship program in previous summers.

Summary of MS Internship Program in Previous Summer

  1. Work Location


    MS internship Program

    No. of Participants


    MS internship Program

    No. of Participants


    Hong Kong



    Mainland, Taiwan, Asia (other than Japan, Korea & Singapore), Africa



    Asia (Japan, Korea & Singapore), Middle East & South America



    North America, Europe, Australia & New Zealand



    Total no. of Students



  2. Company (List of the companies)

    Our internship partners are coming from different industries, such as Audit firm, Government, Hotel, Insurance, Media, Public Utility, and Retail.

  3. Company Evaluation
    The overall performance of our students is good. The overall rating are 23.8% (Excellent - 5) and 63.1% (Good - 4).
    Below are some comments from employers:
    • Communicational skills were excellent, always willing to hear feedback from his co-workers and supervisors and tried to apply what he heard to the maximum.
    • Reliable, dedicated and focused on his job while he is working in internship program.
    • Demonstrated good technical skills and was able to solve the technical problems.
    • Strong in Excel and financial modelling, and proficient in the use of office software including PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and some video production programs.
    • Always takes chance to learn and seek for advice from supervisor or other working colleagues in order to learn the skill.