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The Department of Management Sciences (MS) is a multi-disciplinary department consisting of 2 major areas of expertise: Business Analytics and Operations Management. Our faculty is made up of world-class scholars who earned their PhDs from the world's leading universities. Many of them maintain close relationships with the industry and government agencies through consultancy projects.

  • Degrees from our two Majors BBA in Business Analysis and BBA in Business Operations Management are closely related to top 10 Best Business Jobs according to U.S.News http://money.usnews.com/careers/best-jobs/rankings/best-business-jobs, such as management/marketing analysts and operations managers.
  • The department is ranked 1st in Asia-Pacific region and 23rd in the world among Top Management Science Departments, based on publications in the most prestigious business academic journals (2012-2016) Click here.
  • Besides being outstanding researchers, we are caring and dedicated lecturers who believe that students are the most valuable assets to MS department, and graduates are our most significant contribution to the society. We are proud that our graduates are very successful and in high demand by employers (see career prospects).
  • In recent College-based major selection exercises (2015-2016), the two Majors were among the most competitive within College of Business.

The department offers two undergraduate majors: BBA in Business Analysis and BBA in Business Operations Management.


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