Dr. ZOU Hong Joe (鄒宏)

PhD - Finance
MA - Insurance Accounting
BSc - Statistics

Adjunct Professor

Dr. ZOU Hong Joe (鄒宏)

Research Areas

  • Corporate finance
  • Finanical institutions
  • China finance issues
Dr. ZOU graduated in Statistics from Fudan University in 1991, completed a Master degree in insurance & accounting in 1998 with distinction (this program was supported by UK insurer General Accident, now named Aviva) and received a PhD in Finance from University of Wales (2003), UK. Dr Zou has four-year working experience as a statistician and two-year working experience in an investment bank and he is a qualified accountant. He previously taught at Cardiff University, UK. He is the two-time joint winner of the 2002 and 2003 Shin Research Excellence Award at the International Insurance Society (New York-based), a co-winner of the 2012 CICF best paper award. He also received the 2007-2008 CityU College of Business Research Award. Dr Zou's research work appears in Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Journal of Financial Intermediation, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Risk and Insurance, Financial Management, Journal of Business Finance & Acccounting, Journal of Financial Research, Financial Review, and other academic journals. He also published 17 articles in Economic Research and other premier Chinese academic journals. Dr Zou's research interests include corporate finance, risk management, financial services, China business. He is a research fellow of the Center of China Insurance and Social Security Research (CCISSR, Peking University). He is an associate editor of Journal of Accounting Studies (an English research journal of Chinese Accounting Association) and also serves on the editorial board of Frontiers of Business Research in China (published by Springer).


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Accepted Journal Articles (forthcoming)
  • Lin, C., Officer, M., Wang, R., Zou,H. (2013), "Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance and Loan Spreads", accepted by Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.
Books and Book Chapters
  • Adams M. and Zou, H. (2004), "An Introduction to the Chinese Insurance Market: The Dangers and the Prizes", IMC Publisher, UK.