Dr. Catherine K LAM

PhD - Organizational Behavior
MSc - Management
BA - Business Studies

Associate Professor

Dr. Catherine K LAM

Contact Information

Address: 10-244, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building
City University of Hong Kong
Phone: +852 34426209
Fax: +852 34420309

Research Areas

  • Social comparison and interpersonal harming behavior
  • Job stress and performance
  • Team work and team climate
  • Workplace emotions and emotional labor
  • Leadership

Research Grant

  • PI: "The burden of seeing you: Relationship conflict, depletion, and interpersonal harming and helping behaviors", General Research Fund - Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong , Amount: 580,500 (2016-2018) , Lawrence, S., Walter, F.
  • PI: "Consequences of Supervisor Emotional Exhaustion: Abusive Supervision, Subordinate Deviance, and Self-Monitoring", Early Career Scheme - Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong , Amount: $447,120 (2014-2016) , Huang, X., Janssen, O., Walter, F.
  • PI: "Interpersonal harming in work Teams: social comparison, envy, and goal interdependence", General Research Fund - Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong , Amount: $495,542 (2011-2014) , Huang, X.; Walter, F.

External Academic Activities

Period Organizer Country Role
2016 - Now Human Relations - Member of editorial review board
2013 - Now Management and Organizational Review - Member of editorial board
2013 - Now Journal of Managerial Psychology - Member of editorial review board


Journal Articles
  • Lam, C. K., Huang, X., Walter, F., & Chan, S. (2016), "Coworkers' relationship quality and interpersonal emotions in team-members dyads in China: The moderating role of cooperative team goals.", Management and Organization Review, 12, 687-716.
  • Walter, F., Lam, C. K., Van der Vegt, G. S., Huang, X., & Miao, Q. (2015), "Abusive supervision and subordinate performance: Instrumentality considerations in the emergence and consequences of abusive supervision.", Journal of Applied Psychology, 100, 4, 1056-1072.
  • Lam, C. K., Huang, X., & Chan, S. (2015), "The Threshold effect of participative leadership and the role of leader information sharing", Academy of Management Journal, 58, 3, 836-855.
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Accepted Journal Articles (forthcoming)
  • Deng., H., Walter, F., Lam, C. K., & Zhao, H. "Spillover effects of emotional labor in customer service encounters toward coworker harming: A resource depletion perspective", accepted by Personnel Psychology, forthcoming.
  • Ma, Z., Long, L., Zhang, Y., Zhang, J., & Lam, C. K. "Why do high-performance human resource practices matter for team creativity? The mediating role of collective efficacy and knowledge sharing.", accepted by Asia Pacific Journal of Management, forthcoming.
  • Deng, H., Kwok, L., Lam, C. K., & Huang, X. "Slacking off in comfort: A dual-pathway model for psychological safety climate.", accepted by Journal of Management, forthcoming.