Dr. Catherine K LAM

PhD - Organizational Behavior (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
MSc - Management (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
BA - Business Studies (City University of Hong Kong)

Associate Professor

Dr. Catherine K LAM

Contact Information

Address: 10-255, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building
City University of Hong Kong
Phone: +852 34426209
Fax: +852 34420309

Research Areas

  • Social comparison and interpersonal harming behavior
  • Job stress and performance
  • Team work and team climate
  • Workplace emotions and emotional labor
  • Leadership

Catherine K. Lam is an Associate Professor at the Department of Management, City University of Hong Kong. She received her PhD from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her research interests include interpersonal harming/helping behavior, leadership, social comparison, emotions, job stress, team processes, and creativity in organizations. 

Research Grant

  • PI: "Golden kids and outcasts: How leader-member exchange social comparisons (LMXSC) shape an actor’s interpersonal behavior toward a target member", General Research Fund - Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong , Amount: $723,281 (2017-2019) , Walter, F.
  • PI: "The burden of seeing you: Relationship conflict, depletion, and interpersonal harming and helping behaviors", General Research Fund - Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong , Amount: 580,500 (2016-2018) , Lawrence, S., Walter, F.
  • PI: "Consequences of Supervisor Emotional Exhaustion: Abusive Supervision, Subordinate Deviance, and Self-Monitoring", Early Career Scheme - Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong , Amount: $447,120 (2014-2016) , Huang, X., Janssen, O., Walter, F.
  • PI: "Interpersonal harming in work Teams: social comparison, envy, and goal interdependence", General Research Fund - Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong , Amount: $495,542 (2011-2014) , Huang, X.; Walter, F.

External Academic Activities

Period Organizer Country Role
2017 - Now Journal of Managment - Member of editorial review board
2016 - Now Human Relations - Member of editorial review board
2013 - Now Management and Organizational Review - Member of editorial board
2013 - Now Journal of Managerial Psychology - Member of editorial review board


Journal Articles
  • Deng., H., Walter, F., Lam, C. K., & Zhao, H. (2017), "Spillover effects of emotional labor in customer service encounters toward coworker harming: A resource depletion perspective", Personnel Psychology.
  • Lam, C. K., Huang, X., Walter, F., & Chan, S. (2016), "Coworkers' relationship quality and interpersonal emotions in team-members dyads in China: The moderating role of cooperative team goals.", Management and Organization Review, 12, 687-716.
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Accepted Journal Articles (forthcoming)
  • Ma, Z., Long, L., Zhang, Y., Zhang, J., & Lam, C. K. "Why do high-performance human resource practices matter for team creativity? The mediating role of collective efficacy and knowledge sharing.", accepted by Asia Pacific Journal of Management, forthcoming.
  • Deng, H., Kwok, L., Lam, C. K., & Huang, X. "Slacking off in comfort: A dual-pathway model for psychological safety climate.", accepted by Journal of Management, forthcoming.
  • Lam, C. K., Walter, F., & Huang X. "Supervisors’ emotional exhaustion and abusive supervision: The moderating roles of perceived subordinate performance and supervisor self-monitoring.", accepted by Journal of Organizational Behavior, forthcoming.