Dr. SHUM Stephen Wan Hang (岑運亨博士)

PhD - Operations Research (MIT)
BSc - Electrical Engineering (UCLA)
BSc - Mathematics (UCLA)

Associate Professor

Dr. SHUM Stephen Wan Hang (岑運亨博士)

Contact Information

Address: 7-269, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building
City University of Hong Kong
Phone: +852 34428571
Fax: +852 34420189

Research Areas

  • Pricing and Revenue Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Consumer Behavior in Operations Management

Stephen Shum received his PhD in Operations Research from MIT. He conducts research in supply chain management, revenue management and the operations-marketing interface, and he teaches courses in operations management and revenue management. He has received RGC  GRF grant for numerous research projects. Prior to joining the City University of Hong Kong, he was on the faculty of HKUST Business School, where he was a multiple-time recipient of the Dean's Recognition for Excellent Teaching Performance.

Teaching Areas

  • Operations Management
  • Pricing Analytics and Revenue Management

Research Grant

  • PI: "Inventory Management with Scarcity Effect and Lost-Sales", General Research Fund - Hong Kong Research Grants Council , (2017-2019) , Stephen Shum
  • PI: "Just-in-Time, Cost Uncertainty and Strategic Customers", General Research Fund - Hong Kong Research Grants Council , (2014-2016) , Shum, Chen and Liu
  • PI: "Supply Chain Contracting and Customer Substitution Behavior under Retail Competition", General Research Fund - Hong Kong Research Grants Council , (2011-2014) , Shum and Liu
  • PI: "Contracting, Renegotiation and Competition in Supply Chains", General Research Fund - Hong Kong Research Grants Council , (2008-2010) , Shum and Simchi-Levi

Administrative Assignments

Period Name Position
1/2014 - Now BBA in Business Operations Management Program Leader


Journal Articles
  • Shum, S., S. Tong, T. Xiao. (2017), "On the Impact of Uncertain Cost Reduction when Selling to Strategic Customers", Management Science, 63, 3, 843-860.
  • Hu, P., S. Shum, M. Yu (2016), "Joint Inventory and Markdown Management for Perishable Goods with Strategic Consumer Behavior", Operations Research, 64, 1, 118-134.
  • Chen X., P. Hu, S. Shum, Y. Zhang (2016), "Dynamic Stochastic Inventory Management with Reference Price Effects", Operations Research, 64, 6, 1529 - 1536.
  • Chen, X., S. Shum, D. Simchi-Levi. (2014), "Stable and Coordinating Contracts for a Supply Chain with Multiple Risk-Averse Suppliers", Production and Operations Management, 23, 3, 379-392.
  • Liu, Q., S. Shum. (2013), "Pricing and Capacity Rationing with Customer Disappointment Aversion", Production and Operations Management, 22, 5, 1269-1286.
  • Chen, Y-J., S. Shum, W. Xiao. (2012), "Should an OEM Retain Component Procurement when the CM Produces Competing Products?", Production and Operations Management, 21, 5, 907-922.