Prof. CHEN Youhua Frank (陳友華教授)

PhD - Management (University of Toronto)
MA - Economics (University of Waterloo)
BE - Mechanical Engg (Tsinghua University)

Head (MS)
Chair Professor

Prof. CHEN Youhua Frank (陳友華教授)

Contact Information

Address: 7-251, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building
City University of Hong Kong
Phone: +852 34428595
Fax: +852 34420189
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Research Areas

  • Inventory Models
  • Risks in supply chains
  • Emerging Issues in supply chains
  • Healthcare management

Youhua (Frank) Chen [陳友華] is Chair Professor and Head of Management Sciences at City University of Hong Kong. He holds a bachelor degree in Engineering, master degree in Economics, and doctoral degree in Management from Tsinghua University (Beijing), the University of Waterloo, and the University of Toronto, respectively. After finishing his PhD, he went to Northwestern University as a post-doc fellow (9/1996-6/1997). Prior to joining City University of Hong Kong, Prof. Chen was on the faculty of NUS Business School, National University of Singapore (7/1997-6/2001) and the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2001-2012), respectively. Courses which Prof. Chen taught in NUS include Operations Management and Supply Chain Management, at both undergraduate and MBA levels. He was also actively involved in executive teaching (EDP and EMBA). At CUHK, he taught Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and served as the deputy director and director for the Executive Master of Science Program (EMSc) in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, a joint program with Tsinghua University (Shenzhen). Prof. Chen has also been involved in consulting projects in the area of supply chain management and logistics. His current research projects span from logistics/supply chains, weather risk management to healthcare operations management.香港城市大學商學院, 管理科學系系主任。清華大學工程本科,加拿大滑鐵盧大學經濟學碩士,多倫多大學管理學博士;現任管理科學系教授及系主任。曾任教於新加坡國立大學與香港中文大學,擔任過香港中文大學-清華大學高級管理人員物流和供應鏈管理碩士課程主任。主授供應鏈及運營管理課程,參與物流和供應鏈管理專案諮詢。研究興趣包括供應鏈管理,供應鏈金融及風險,收益管理和醫院運營管理。由他牽頭主持的醫院系統管理研究專案於2014年獲得香港研究資助局超過2千萬元的經費支持(2014-2019, 主題研究計畫)。 另外,他也同時負責城大團隊與中科院等單位合作,承擔一項國家自然科學基金會關於中國物流發展的重大專案,城大方面獲得經費支持約3百萬元(2014-2018)。 陳教授在管理領域頂尖期刊上發表的論文數量可觀,其中一篇文章被他人引用的次數在供應鏈管理領域名列前茅,影響很大。

Research Grant

  • "Project Coordinator 項目統籌人: Delivering 21st Century Healthcare in Hong Kong – Building a Quality-and-Efficiency Driven System; 為香港提供21世紀的醫療服務 - 構造一個品質與效率驅動的服務體系", Theme-based Research Scheme (TRS) 主題研究計劃项目 - Research Grant Council (RGC) Hong Kong SAR, China 香港研究資助局 , Amount: HKD 20.45 million 20.45百万港币 (2014-2019) , Team: CityU,CUHK,PolyU,HKU,Columbia:
  • PI: "Topic课题 - 「面向经济、社会和环境协调发展的物流系统基础理论」(项目批准号: 71390335)", Major Project 重大项目「面向经济、社会和环境协调发展的现代物流管理研究」 - National Natural Science Foundation of China , Amount: RMB2.8M/人民币280万元 (2014-2018) , Frank Chen 陳友華, Co-I's at CityU: H.M. Yan, Y.Z. Li, Y.V. Hui, J. Liu
  • PI: "PI: "On a Random Yield Problem with Nonzero Leadtimes", , Amount: $880,800 (2014-2017) , Candi Yano and Quan Yuan
  • PI: "Distribution Requirement Planning and Inventory Policies for a Distribution Supply Chain with a Minimum Order Quantity", GRF - GRC , (2013-2016) , Chen, Zhou and Yang
  • PI: "Models for Production Operations and Emissions Permits Purchasing Decisions in the Presence of Emissions Trading Market", GRF - RGC , (2012-2015) , Chen, Yang
  • PI: "6 RGC Grants ", RGC Earmark - HK Research Council , Amount: 3.5M (2004-2011) , Frank Y Chen


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