Teaching Initiatives

Joint Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

  • Between Columbia University and City University of Hong Kong
    The Joint Bachelor's Degree Program between City University of Hong Kong and Columbia University offers students an international undergraduate educational experience – a program spanning two continents, in cosmopolitan cities that allow students to engage directly with the world around them. The program draws upon elements both traditional and innovative, combining the academic rigor of two world-renowned universities with an attention to the roles that social and cultural traditions play in a student’s intellectual formation. [ Details ]
  • Between National Taiwan University and City University of Hong Kong
    Accepted students will commence their studies at National Taiwan University after Year 1 at City University of Hong Kong and return to City University of Hong Kong after completed Year 3 in National Taiwan University. Students will gain language fluency in English, Chinese and Mandarin, and receive two Bachelor’s degrees certificates from City University of Hong Kong and from National Taiwan University.
    [ Details ]

Inter-disciplinary Initiatives

  • CB Double Major
    The College of Business offers students with flexibility in planning their studies in a Double Major within the College. Students can enjoy broad and solid study to plan ahead their career development. [ Details ]
  • Joint Stream - Data Informatics
    A stream jointly offered under BBA Information Management and BBA Business Analysis.

    Data Informatics stream is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in the areas which require both data analytics and information management knowledge in the increasingly data-driven economy.  This stream is an interdisciplinary study, which combines strong expertise from IS and MS departments to provide training in quantitative business analysis, business intelligence, python programming for business, etc.  It enables students to acquire knowledge on both data analytics and information management techniques. Students of BBA Information Management and BBA Business Analysis are eligible to declare the stream for their second year of study. (Details to be announced soon)

  • BSc Computational Finance and Financial Technology
    The BSc in Computational Finance and Financial Technology major has 2 streams, namely (1) Computational Finance Stream and (2) Financial Technology Stream.

    Computational Finance stream is an interdisciplinary stream offering a comprehensive curriculum that covers state-of-the-art training in finance, mathematics, statistics and computer programming. The integrated application of these four areas is in great demand by today’s financial markets.

    Financial Technology stream gives students an interdisciplinary education in business, information technology, and innovation by training them in mathematics, statistics, programming, information systems, and finance. The FinTech core courses include blockchain, big data, cybersecurity, regulatory technology (RegTech), Python programming, machine learning, technology entrepreneurship, and Fintech capstone project. [ Details ]
  • BBA Global Business
    The BBA in Global Business offers a globally oriented curriculum and opportunities for students to develop a global mindset, think strategically and contribute to companies doing business internationally. Our application-oriented courses prepare the next generation of managers to lead global teams. In the Global Business Consultancy Project, for instance, students work with a multinational corporation to solve real business problems.

    Students have opportunities to enhance their leadership and skills while working with others from different cultures through boot camps, study tours, executive forums, the Global Business Diagnostic Residential Trip, structured exchange programmes, internships, international case competitions and mentoring from global leaders. Students are offered three semester-based exchange opportunities^ (two compulsory and one optional) and other overseas immersion opportunities to widen their global exposure.

    ^ Subject to fulfilling the requirements for participating in the exchange studies. [ Details ]