Alumni Class Notes

Alumni Class Notes

Share your news with classmates and CB alumni! Tell us about the highlights of your year – family, career, accomplishments, and interests. We will publish your updates in the “Class Notes” section of City Business Magazine and on the CB Alumni website.

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Frances Tang BBA Human Resources Management ‘99
MA Global Business Management ‘04
MBA ‘05

I studied at CityU, met my husband there, and after graduating with three business degrees all from CityU, ran my own business. I have received scholarships for further study in music at Trinity College London and won international prizes for harp performances. I am the founder of Arts and the City Harp School, and harpist of the Hong Kong Symphony Orchestra. I have also performed many harp recitals for CityU MBA orientation functions. My story was featured by TVB Jade in "Arts and Culture Magazine" in February 2019.

Dr Anthony Lam DBA ‘18

Studying for the CityU DBA programme has been one of the most precious experiences in my life, broadening my horizons and developing my skill set on research work. I was amazed by the level of resources that I received from the programme throughout my study.

After my graduation in 2018, I had some exciting opportunities to share myresearch outcomes with younger engineers, university students, and a few technical institutions, which provided with me a platform to give what I had learned back to society. Most recently, I had a chance to share my DBA research work with the Institute of Materials, Minerals, and Mining, one of the leading engineering and technology institutions in the UK, where I was awarded a fellowship.

I truly appreciated the fruitful DBA learning journey and would highly recommend this programme to anyone who is ready to take on new challenges in the professional research world. Wishing the College of Business and all the learning partners best of all.

Ratish Thapa MBA ‘19

Enrolling as an MBA full-time student at CityU, I was prepared to take the challenges away from my home country, Nepal, with a mindset of immersing myself into the cosmos of lectures and tutorials. I presumed this expedition would require my utmost dedication and commitment. Just as I predicted, the ride was indeed intense and filled with waves of assignments deadlines, presentations and projects. But to this very day, six months after my graduation, I dream of reliving every moment that I cherished in my one-year adventurous journey, as it was unlike any trip that I had undertaken before. After overcoming challenges and acquiring new knowledge in the study, I am now well prepared to dive into an exciting new adventure!

Dr Lo Man-fung MA Quantitative Analysis for Business ‘12

I am very thankful to CityU for the study opportunity that I was given. After graduating from the MA(QAB) programme in 2012, I spent another four years on my doctoral degree. I am currently a university lecturer. In 2019, I was awarded "Master Teacher of Honor," presented by Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education and "Distinguished Educator," presented by Phi Delta Kappa Association. All the best to CityU for the future!

Dr Lynne Sprugel DBA '19

I am grateful for the CityU DBA journey and experience. The DBA Luncheon in December was a highlight finish! I was most honoured to be awarded the Outstanding CityU DBA Graduate Award. At the end of December, I accepted a promotion opportunity with my current company to return to the United States (Houston) to be Vice President of Global Sourcing. I'm fortunate to still oversee our Asian operations so will be back to Hong Kong many times. While it was difficult to leave Hong Kong, the DBA experience prepared me to take on new challenges with a better theoretical framework to apply to an elevated level of critical thinking. I treasure my time at CityU and the exposure and learning from many professors, my beloved cohort, and the DBA Office staff.