Disney Cultural Exchange Program
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Disney Cultural Exchange Program

Disney Cultural Exchange Program 

Explore a Unique Internship that Comprises the
Living, Learning & Working Experience!
Employer: Walt Disney World Co.
Location: Florida , USA

- Quick Service Food & Beverage
- Merchandise
- Operations
- Custodial
- Bell Services
- Housekeeping
- Character Performer
- Full Service Food & Beverage
- Lifeguard
- Costuming

Duration June  -  August 
Pay Rate:

$11 USD per hour

- All roles are non-tipped

- minimum of 30 hours per week

VISA: - J-1 Summer/Work Travel
- around $190 USD Application Fee to United States Embassy
- around $35 USD - SEVIS fee to United States Embassy
Medical Insurance: Must provide own medical coverage for length of program from Lloyd's of London
Housing: - Disney Housing Complex ( Rent : $108 - $200 USD per week)
- Non Refundable Program Assessment Fee : $240 USD (one time) plus $150 USD deposit on Housing is due upon acceptance of offer
- Transportation provided to and from work
- Participants will share a bedroom
- Provide own sheets, towels, pillow and blanket
- Provide own food in apartment and work

- Participants are responsible for round-trip airfare from Hong Kong to USA and return
- Participants are responsible for transportation cost from Orlando Airport to Apartment Complex Front Office - (approximately $30 USD)
- MUST arrive on the date specified by Walt Disney World Co.

Education: Access to Disney Learning Centers, Online learning through NETg,
My Disney Career Services, and Harvard Business Courses
NOTE: The following applies to all participants:
  - Guarantee minimum 30 hours per week
  - Rent deducted from pay check
  - Provide own work shoes
  - Provide own food in apartment and at work

The J-1 visa is arranged solely for the Disney Cultural Exchange Program. If one needs to stay in the United States after the Disney CEP, a separate visa has to be arranged.

For information about roles, accommodations, learning opportunities and fees, visit: www.disneyinternationalprograms.com