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Enriching Students�� Learning of Recent Economic Development

in China through Field Trips and Study in Beijing

In our continuous effort to enhance students�� learning experience through co-curricular activities, the Department attempted a new approach to student training which combines both inside and outside classroom learning in one co-curricular activity. The approach has proved to be very successful.


The Department began the program with a two-week study tour to Beijing from the 4th to the 18th of June, 2005, which was attended by a group of thirty EF students. The study tour was designed to enrich our students�� learning of the latest developments in China through visiting and studying in Beijing.


On this occasion, in addition to visits to Beijing��s historical and cultural landmarks, and various institutions, students were also required to attend a credit-bearing intensive course on the Chinese Economy at Renmin University of China �V one of the most prestigious universities on the Mainland.


The course was taught jointly by faculty members of our department and professors from the School of Economics at Renmin University. This joint teaching scheme, arranged by the Head of the Department, Prof. Eden Yu, was designed to enhance cooperation between the two universities.  The agreement was signed by our President, Prof. H.K. Chang, and President of Renmin University last year.


Through taking this course at Renmin University, our students were given the opportunity to meet with some of the top economists on the Mainland, and learn more about the Chinese economy. Furthermore, they also experienced the campus life of a typical Mainland university through interaction with local students, and use of their facilities, such as the library and the student canteen.


We believe that learning is achieved most effectively by combining both inside and outside classroom learning. For instance, through visits to the Capital Steel Industrial Group, Yanjing Beverage Group, and the Wang Fu Jing business district, students were able to observe the significant development taking place in Beijing and the great success of China��s economic reforms. Such experience and knowledge will inspire our students to further explore the Chinese economy, and give them the ability to initiate meaningful discussions with academics and professionals on the Mainland. For our students, this study tour was exciting and informative. The knowledge they

acquired will certainly enhance their

understanding and promote their professional development in economics and finance.


We would like to thank the funding provided by the Quality Campus Life Fund, as well as the assistance and support offered by the Student Development Services Department in making this learning project so successful.


Dr. Qu Baozhi (Assistant Professor, Department of Economics and Finance)



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Ÿ   �ڭ̰��[�������K�t�M�P�ʰ�s�t, SDS�� Raysen Cheung�����Чڭ̭n�H7S (Structure, Strategy, System, Skills, Staff, etc.) �M4C (Context, Conclusion, etc.) �h�ݤ@�����q, ����Ӫ������q�C�ȼh���� �K�K�d栢�� (�u�Ӻ޲z�Ǥh ���� �@�~�žǥ�)

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Recent Teaching and Learning Activities


Ÿ   Three I��s Gathering, 6 July 2004

Ÿ   First Mentor-Mentee Meeting, 21 August 2004

Ÿ   EF Departmental Student Orientation 2004, 26 August 2004

Ÿ   Welcoming Party for Freshmen and New Teaching Staff, 17 September 2004

Learning Support:

Ÿ    ��Books give us wings�� program, Semesters A and B, 2004/2005

Ÿ   Supplemental Instruction (SI) Scheme (FB2400, Semester A, 2004/05; and FB2401, Semester B, 2004/05)

Ÿ   Staff-Student Consultative Meeting, 21 September 2004 and 11 March 2005

Ÿ   Moon Festival with Non-Local Students, 29 September 2004

Ÿ   Student Mentors Meeting with Professor Eden Yu, 8 and 14 October 2004

Ÿ   Hiking in Expedition, 14 November 2004

Ÿ   Tea with Exchange Students, 1 December 2004

Ÿ   Pearl River Delta Study Tour �V Shunde, 15 January 2005

Ÿ   Beijing Study Tour, 4-18 June, 2005

Ÿ   Sharing from Scholarship Winners of 2004/2005

Career Preparation:

Ÿ   Internship 2004/2005

Ÿ   Career Seminar �V Banking in Hong Kong, 15 October 2004


Ÿ   Dinner Sharing: ��How I obtained my first job after graduation��, 15 October 2004

Ÿ   Dinner with 2004 graduates of MSc Finance, Financial Engineering, and Banking, 6 November 2004


(Details of the teaching and learning activities listed above can be found on the website  ��EF��s Co-curricular Learning Centre��, which is located at the Departmental website under the column ��Teaching��. )