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Vol. 2, No. 1, August 2004

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New Scholarships for First-Year Students


To expand the pool of scholarships for outstanding students, the Department of Economics and Finance (EF) has established a new Departmental scholarship scheme for its first-year BBA students in Business Economics, Finance, and Financial Engineering in the academic year 2003-2004. Fifteen scholarships, each with a value of HK$5,000, were awarded to students who achieved outstanding academic performance in the first semester of their first year of study (see photos).
Left to Right: Professor Yu, Yung Mei Yee, Wong Chung Ming, Wong Choi Kwan, Ng Shing Yip, Lo Sze Sze, Li Ching Yiu, Leung Wai Wa

On March 18, 2004, the scholarship winners of the academic year 2003-2004 were announced at the University Scholarship and Prize Presentation Ceremony. Professor Eden Yu, Head of the Department, presented the Departmental awards to fifteen undergraduate scholarship recipients: Chan Ching Man, Cheung Chung Hang, Fung Ka Yan Joyce, Ho Chi Shing, Kwok Tsz Lun, Lai Wing Yee, Lam Tsz Hung, Leung Wai Wa Terry, Li Ching Yiu, Lo Sze Sze, Ng Shing Yip, Wong Choi Kwan, Wong Chung Ming, Yip Kwun Chung Alfred, and Yung Mei Yee; and five postgraduate scholarship winners: Baup Pascal Alain Joel, Ho Kum Loon Patrick, Lau Chi Kin, Li Jing, and Tang Hon Kit; in the EF Department.


Left to Right: Professor Yu, Lam Tsz Hung, Lai Wing Yee, Kwok Tsz Lun, Ho Chi Shing, Fung Ka Yan, Cheung Chung Hang, Chan Ching Man
In addition, the following twenty-two students received scholarships from various donors: Au Ka Wai, Chan Tsang Shing, Cheung Wai Hing, Fan Jiale, Lui Chui Ying, Ng Pik Kam, Yang Shijia, Yeung Ka Man Theresa, Zhang Yuting, and Zhou Jun (Bank of China Hong Kong Charitable Foundation); Baup Pascal Alain Joel (BNP Paribas Peregrine); Chan Yan Kit Kenny (Reuters Foundation); Cheung Kin Yan and Lau Chun Sing (Principal Insurance); Cheung Wai Hing (Arthur M Chan); Cheung Wai Hing (Hang Seng Bank); Kwong Wai Kin (K Y Sham); Lau Chun Sing, Law Wai Chung, and Tam Suet Yee (Bank of Communications); Ng Pik Kam (Chiap Hua Cheng�s Foundation); Zhou Jun (Hong Kong Jockey Club).

If you are interested in making a donation for the EF scholarship fund, please contact Ms. Lily Yeung at +852 2788 8804 or See also the related story below.


Fund Raised

Early this year, subsequent to the Departmental fund raising efforts in connection with CityU�s �Turn One to Five Dollars� fundraising campaign this spring, EF received donations of HK$37,620 by the end of April 2004. Every dollar contribution will be matched by additional funds from the sponsors and the University Grants Committee to generate a multiple sum of donations. This enables the Department to beef up its scholarship fund and better support its students� learning in the future. As fundraising is now an on-going activity, your contribution and continued support are always welcome.


黎詠儀 (工商管理學士 -- 金融系一年級學生)








Highlights of Learning Activities


In summer of 2004, nineteen EF students worked as interns in various organizations in China and Taiwan. Ng Man Chun and Tse Hing did their internship with Kuo Hua Life(國華人壽保險股份有限公司)in Taiwan; Chan Ka Man, Chiu Ping Yuen, Lee Chun Pang and Leung King Shing with Hebei Baofeng Wire & Cable (Group) Company Limited(河北寶豐線纜集團有限公司)in Hebei; Chow Chi Fung and Zhuang Ziyin with Ping An Insurance Company Limited(平安保險集團有限公司)in Shanghai; and Choi Ka Wing and Lui Ho Kit with Tianjin TEDA Investment Holdings Company Limited(天津泰達投資有限公司)in Tianjin.

           Student Exchange

In academic year 2003-2004, four EF students joined the Departmental exchange program. Two students (Leung Nim Lung and Ng Kwun Wa) went to Shanghai Jiaotong University(上海交通大學)and the other two (Lo Yan Yee and Pang Chun Wai) studied in Lingnan College of Zhongzhan University(中山大學).

            Non-local Student Group

A new student group has recently been set up for non-local students comprising mainland and overseas students studying in the EF department. The purpose of the group is to help these students adapt to the new study environment, life style and local culture, and provide them with both academic and life-oriented assistance.


Professor Hsiung Bingyuan, a noted writer and columnist, conducted a six-week reading program for about twenty students in Semester B, 2003-2004. The aim is to teach students how to apply theoretical economic knowledge in their daily life through reading and discussing a number of books in economics and other disciplines.

            Pearl River Delta

Several staff members and twenty students joined this study tour to the Pearl River Delta. They visited Shenzhen Virtual University Park, Dongguan Nokia Mobile Phones Company Limited, and Shenzhen Book City. After the visit, most students felt that they gained better knowledge and understanding of the new developments in this rapidly growing region.  

            Hiking in the Woods

The hike was held on 3 April 2004 to the gorgeous Dragon's Back (near Shek O of the Hong Kong Island). About fifty students, alumni and staff participated in this hiking activity. This provided an opportunity for participants to know each other better, and to exchange their views on teaching, learning and other matters.

            Career Enhancement Project

The project helped students to identify their career goals and work towards them. Students commented that the skills and knowledge that they learnt were useful and practical for their future career.



Recent Teaching and Learning Activities



l            First Mentor-Mentee Meeting, 16 Aug 2003

l            EF Department Student Orientation 2003, 30 Aug 2003

l            Welcoming Party for New EF Students and New Teaching Staff, 15 Sep 2003

Learning Support

l            Supplemental Instruction (SI) Scheme (FB2400, Sem. A, 2003/04; and FB2401, Sem. B, 2003/04)

l            Staff-Student Consultative Meeting, 14 Oct 2003 and 24 Feb 2004

l            Pearl River Delta Study Tour, 18 Oct 2003

l            Sharing Moment of an Exchange Student & His Mother from Denmark, 30 Oct 2003

l            Student Exchange Sharing: Students from Lingnan College of Zhongshan University (中山大學), 19 Dec 2003

l            Adventure Training Program, 30-31 Dec 2003

l            Second and Third Year BBA Scholarship Winners Sharing: �How I Learn?�, Sem. A, 2003/04

l            經濟散文閱讀計劃與熊秉元教授漫步經濟, 19 Feb - 25 Mar 2004

l            Sharing Seminar on China Student Exchange Program, 11 Mar 2004

l            Meeting Leader: Professor Chan Shunyuen Kenneth, 12 Mar 2004

l            Hiking in the Woods, 3 Apr 2004

l            Article Sharing: �What I have gained from attending the economics module of the Asia-Pacific Research Workshop�, Shared by an Accounting PhD student, 28 May 2004

l            First Year BBA Scholarship Winners Sharing: �How I learned and obtained good GPA score in the first semester of my first year study", Sem. B, 2003/04

l            Sharing from a Research Degree Scholarship Winner: �How I do research for my PhD?�, Sem. B, 2003/04

Career Preparation

l            Career Enhancement Project, Summer 2003

l            Job Hunting Workshop (Summer 2003), 9 Jun � 1 Aug 2003

l            Dinner Seminar: �How I obtained my first job in the present difficult times?� Experience Sharing by 2003 EF BBA Graduates, 24 Oct 2003

l            Career Support Program � VBA Applied Finance Project, 19 Dec 2003 � 21 Jan 2004

l            Workshop on Managing Your Early Career and Job Search, 20 Dec 2003 � 20 Jan 2004

l            Money Concepts Internship Program, 22 Dec 200310 Jan 2004

l            Recruitment Talk on Personal Financial Services by American International Group (AIG), 16 Mar 2004


l            Experience Sharing from a BBA (Finance) Graduate of 2002 �Working in Xinjiang�, Nov 2003

l            Spring Dinner for MSc Students and Alumni, 8 Feb 2004

l            Sharing from a BBA Graduate who was pursuing a MBA in Tsinghua University (清華大學), Sem. A, 2003/04



Starting from 1 August 2004, the website of the �Virtual Learning Support Centre� has been renamed as �EF�s Co-curricular Learning Centre�. As the website contains mainly EF�s co-curricular learning activities including orientation, learning support, and career preparation, the new name above can therefore better represent the nature of the website.


Details of the teaching and learning activities listed above can be found in the website �EF�s Co-curricular Learning Centre�, located in the Departmental website under the column �Teaching�.  You are welcome to visit the website.