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Dr. DONG Chuoyan Maggie


Associate Professor

10-242, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building, City University of Hong Kong
+852 34425754
+852 34420346

Research Areas

Channel governance, interfirm relationships, and network analysis


PhD - Marketing
MA - International Business
BA - International Business


Dr. Maggie Chuoyan Dong received her Ph.D. in Marketing from School of Business at the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, and M.Sc. and Bachelor Degree in International Business from School of Management at Fudan University, China. Her primary research interests are in the areas of channel management and inter-firm relationships. 

Teaching Areas

Marketing in China, International Marketing, and global Business Culture and Management

Research Grants

PI: "Being Secure While Being Dependent: Dependence Balancing Strategies for Weaker Partners in Channel Relationships", General Research Fund - Hong Kong Research Grant Council, (2016-2018), Dong, Maggie Chuoyan and Chenting Su

PI: "Do Better-than-Fair Rewards Pay Off? An Examination of Distributors’ Responses to Favorably Unfair Rewards", General Research Fund - Hong Kong Research Grants Council, (2013-2015), Dong, Maggie Chuoyan and Wenyu Dou

co-PI: "Managing Opportunism in A Distribution Network: The Observer Effect of Punishment", General Research Fund - Hong Kong Research Grants Council, (2012-2015), Wang, Danny T., Flora F. Gu, and Maggie Chuoyan Dong

PI: "From Channel to Value Chain: The Issue of Corporate Cooperative Capacity", Start-up Grant - City University of Hong Kong, (2008-2011), DONG Chuoyan

Administrative Assignments

2017 - NowBBA Global Business ProgramProgram Leader
2016 - NowMBA Program, College of BusinessConcentration Coordinator in Marketing
2016 - NowCollege of BusinessAOL Coordinator in Marketing
3/2010 - NowChina Business ProgramDepartmental Internship Program (China)
2014 - 2016College of BusinessCollege Board Member

Professional Activities

2009 - NowContemporary Management Centre, the University of Hong KongChina (Hong Kong)Honorary Research Associate

External Academic Activities

2014 - NowAsia Pacific Journal of Management -Editorial board member


Journal Publications and Reviews

Zeng, Fue; Ye, Qing; Dong, Maggie Chuoyan; Huang, Zhen; Liu, Zhiqiang / Legitimizing actions in dependence-asymmetry relationships: A comparison between Chinese and Western firms. July 2020; In: Industrial Marketing Management. Vol. 88, pp. 163-172

Chi, Yunjia; Zeng, Fue; Dong, Maggie Chuoyan; Song, Yiping (Amy) / Promotion and Prevention Contracts in Distributor–Supplier Relationship Using Matched Dyadic Data. May 2020; In: Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing. Vol. 27, No. 2, pp. 111-124

Dong, Maggie Chuoyan; Zeng, Fue; Su, Chenting / Network embeddedness as a dependence-balancing mechanism in developing markets: differential effects for channel partners with asymmetric dependencies. November 2019; In: Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. Vol. 47, No. 6, pp. 1064–1084

Liu, Yi; Li, Xue; Dong, Maggie Chuoyan / The role of customer orientation in key account managers’ performance: a client network perspective. August 2019; In: Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. Vol. 34, No. 7, pp. 1592-1605

Zhu, Xiaoxuan; Xiao, Zhenxin; Dong, Maggie Chuoyan; Gu, Jibao / The fit between firms’ open innovation and business model for new product development speed: A contingent perspective. August 2019; In: Technovation. Vol. 86-87, pp. 75-85

Xiao, Zhenxin; Dong, Maggie Chuoyan; Zhu, Xiaoxuan / Learn to be good or bad? Revisited observer effects of punishment: curvilinear relationship and network contingencies. 2019; In: Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. Vol. 34, No. 4, pp. 754-766

Zeng, Fue; Chi, Yunjia; Dong, Maggie Chuoyan; Huang, Jing / The dyadic structure of exchange partners' governing-agency social capital and opportunism in buyer–supplier relationships. September 2017; In: Journal of Business Research. Vol. 78, pp. 294-302

Dong, Maggie Chuoyan; Fang, Yulin; Straub, Detmar W. / The impact of institutional distance on the joint performance of collaborating firms: The role of adaptive interorganizational systems. June 2017; In: Information Systems Research. Vol. 28, No. 2, pp. 309-331

Zhu, Xiaoxuan; Dong, Maggie Chuoyan; Gu, Jibao; Dou, Wenyu / How Do Informal Ties Drive Open Innovation? the Contingency Role of Market Dynamism. May 2017; In: IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. Vol. 64, No. 2, pp. 208-219

Dong, Maggie Chuoyan; Ju, Min; Fang, Yulin / Role hazard between supply chain partners in an institutionally fragmented market. September 2016; In: Journal of Operations Management. Vol. 46, pp. 5-18

Zeng, Fue; Chen, Ying; Dong, Maggie Chuoyan; Chi, Yunjia / The Use of Accommodation in Buyer–Seller Relationships: Encouraging or Controlling Opportunism in Business Markets Middle-grounds. January 2016; In: Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing. Vol. 23, No. 1, pp. 47-62

Dong, Maggie Chuoyan; Liu, Zhiqiang; Yu, Yimin; Zheng, Jin-Hui / Opportunism in distribution networks: The role of network embeddedness and dependence. October 2015; In: Production and Operations Management. Vol. 24, No. 10, pp. 1657-1670

Zeng, Fue; Chen, Ying; Dong, Maggie Chuoyan; Zheng, Jinhui / Understanding distributor opportunism in a horizontal network. April 2015; In: Industrial Marketing Management. Vol. 46, pp. 171-182

WANG, Danny T.; GU, Flora F.; DONG, Maggie Chuoyan / Observer Effects of Punishment in a Distribution Network. October 2013; In: Journal of Marketing Research. Vol. 50, No. 5, pp. 627-643

Dong, Maggie Chuoyan; Li, Caroline Bingxin; Tse, David K. / Do business and political ties differ in cultivating marketing channels for foreign and local firms in China?. March 2013; In: Journal of International Marketing. Vol. 21, No. 1, pp. 39-56

Dong, Maggie Chuoyan; Tse, David K.; Hung, Kineta / Effective distributor governance in emerging markets: The salience of distributor role, relationship stages, and market uncertainty. 2010; In: Journal of International Marketing. Vol. 18, No. 3, pp. 1-17

Dong, Maggie Chuoyan; Tse, David K.; Cavusgil, S. Tamer / Efficiency of governance mechanisms in China's distribution channels. October 2008; In: International Business Review. Vol. 17, No. 5, pp. 509-519

Dong, Maggie Chuoyan; Li, Stella Yiyan / Conflict resolution in Chinese family purchase decisions: The impact of changing female roles and marriage duration. 2007; In: International Journal of Conflict Management. Vol. 18, No. 4, pp. 308-324

Conference Papers

DONG, Chuoyan / Network Embeddedness as a Dependence Balancing Strategy for Weaker Channel Partners in Emerging Markets. May 2015; CONSORTIUM FOR INTERNATIONAL MARKETING RESEARCH (CIMAR) Conference, 13/05/2015 - 15/05/2015, Vienna, Austria.

DONG, Chuoyan; Wang, Danny T.; Gu, Flora F. / Social Effects of Punishment in Marketing Channels. May 2012; European Marketing Academy 41st Annual Conference, 22/05/2012 - 25/05/2012, , Portugal. pp. 256

DONG, Chuoyan / Observer Effect of Punishment in Channel Networks: The Role of Punishment Severity and Punishment Justice. June 2010; INFORMS Marketing Science Conference 2010, 17/06/2010 - 19/06/2010, Cologne, Germany.

DONG, Chuoyan / Promoting Buyer-Seller Collaborations: The Issue of Cooperative Capacity. June 2009; China Marketing Scholar Forum, 19/06/2009 - 20/06/2009, , China.

Chapters, Conference Papers, Creative and Literary Works

Zeng, Fue; Chen, Ying; DONG, Chuoyan / Understanding Distributor Opportunism in a Horizontal Network. August 2013; Proceedings of American Marketing Association Summer Educators’ Conference.

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