Mentoring Scheme

The Department runs a number of mentoring schemes to strengthen students' networking, empower their personal and career development, and help them realise their full potential. With assistance from mentors, students can better manage their own learning, develop skills, improve their performance and become the people they want to be.

Accounting Scholars Programme [ PDF ]

The Department runs an Accounting Scholars Programme (ASP) designed for high achievers who strive for academic excellence and whole personal development. One of the key features of this programme is that alumni/professionals are invited to participate as mentors and interact with our students. This helps the students to develop their business sense and maturity.

Student Mentoring Scheme

This scheme prepares our students, both mentors and mentees, to be responsible citizens at City University and in Hong Kong, and to become future business leaders. It aims to cultivate a strong sense of belonging to the Department of Accountancy and City University by facilitating the establishment of a network for senior students to interact with junior students, to learn from each other and to share experiences.