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Research & Scholarly Activities

Issue 04

Publication and Academic Workshops

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"Enhancing the Competitiveness of Social Enterprises in Hong Kong: A Three-Dimensional Analysis" seminar on 30 October 2018

Teaching and Learning Activitess

HKICS-Professor Mervyn King's lecture to MScPACG-CG Stream Students on 15 September 2018

Expert Talk to 40 Senior Secondary School Students on 4 December 2018

Student-related Activities

Gather-to-gather with MAIA & MScPACG Graduates on 4 Decemeber 2018

Department of Accountancy Graduation Ceremony on 5 Decemeber 2018

Alumni Activities

College of Business Distinguished Alumni Award 2018 (Ms Mabel Chan Mei Bo and Dr Venus Tang Lai Wah)

Professional Seminar: Session Three “Commercial Crime, Including But Not Limited to Market Misconduct, Property Fraud, Money Laundering, and Cybercrime” on 17 November 2018

Other Activities

Department of Accountancy Christmas Party on 6 December 2018

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