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Issue no.12

Research & Scholarly Activities

Publication and Academic Workshops
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College Research Excellence Awards 2021 – Professor Yangyang Chen

Impact Case Study by Department of Accountancy Publicized on TV Programme – Professor Phyllis Mo

Research Promotion Activity – Financial Reporting Council’s In-house Luncheon with Academia

Proposal to Incorporate Automation Skills in Accounting Curriculum Funded by CityU Teaching Development Grant – Dr Xiaoli Hu and Dr Kevin Zhu

Outstanding Paper Award of the 2022 IAS Midyear Meeting

Teaching and Learning Activities


A New Academic Staff Joined the AC Family in November 2021 – Dr Oleg Kiriukhin

College of Business PhD Student Teaching Excellence Award – Sharing by Ms Yiye Liu

Student-related Activities


2021 UAiTED Innovation Competition
‘Cross Border Collaboration, Sustainable Solution through Innovation’

City University of Hong Kong Wins CIMA Excellence Award

CityU Team Gains Victory in HKCGI Paper Writing Competition

HKGCC Business Case Competition 2020

Student Story Sharing by Mr Benny Cheung: The Danish Way of Education

Student’s Sharing by Mr Isaac Lee – Being Extraordinary out of Excellence ━━-
- The Fruitful Journey with the Department of Accountancy (AC)
- AC Is My Business

Alumni Activities

Alumni Story Sharing by Ms Zheng Wang: “Discover Opportunities, Take Actions, Be Grateful – My Unforgettable Undergraduate Journey”

Alumni Story Sharing by Ms Agnes Tsang: A Transformative Profession

Alumni Story Sharing by Ms Dale Wang: My Way to Become a Software Developer

AC Undergraduate Alumni Networking
1. WeChat Group for AC Undergraduate Mainland Alumni

Please consult your peer in this group, or add group administrator's WeChat ID, 179178906, to get invited to this group.

2. Facebook for AC Undergraduate Alumni Network

Other Activities

Departmental Retreat on 1 December 2021                                                

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