Practical Internships

The College of Business and its departments run internship programmes during the summer.  In last year, over 500 BBA students participated in internship programmes supported by College or Departments.  With our endeavours, more than 50% of our students have internship experience before their graduation.

Internship taken place in different locations (%)

Students are placed in various destinations and organizations:

Location Destination
Hong Kong Accounting firms, business companies,  Government offices and NGOs
Mainland Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Dalian, Guangzhou
Overseas USA, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia

Our placements cover a wide spectrum of work areas which serve as valuable platforms not only to gain work experience but also to build up networks in the industry.  Many students treasure such internship opportunities as springboards to realize their dream career.

College is committed to soliciting more internships and encourage Year 1 students to take part in local or Mainland internship. With such internship experience, students are encouraged to start early preparation for career thoughts.

To further enhance integration of skills and knowledge, students in the College are expected to undertake a second internship in overseas or the Mainland with departments’ financial support.  Students with internship experience always reflect themselves to become more mature, independent, self-confident with improved inter-personal skills.