CB Double Major

The College of Business offers you greater flexibility in planning your studies through a College Double Major. You can enjoy the advantages of both breadth of learning and in-depth study so you can go for a greater range of potential career opportunities. Grab the chance now!


  • BBA4 students admits in 2018-19 & onwards
  • A minimum CGPA of 3.00
  • Fulfil other specific requirements* by respective Majors
Major Specific requirements*˄
AC Good results in CB2100
BE Good results in CB2400
FIN Good results in CB2400
IFMG Good results in CB2500
Major Specific requirements*˄
MGMT At least Grade B for CB2300
MKT DSE English >= Level 4, or
IELTS (overall) >=6.5

˄ subject to changes by the major

Effective from

  • Semester A 2019-20

Double Major Students can enjoy the followings

  • Pre-registration of classes
  • Consultation of courses
  • Internship opportunities
  • Career activities

Important dates

25 Feb – 1 Mar CB Double Major Information Week [ Details ]
1 – 18 Jul Application on CB website
19 – 31 Jul  Approval by Home Major and Second Major Departments
5 – 9 Aug Results announcement 


Major Leader & Second Major Leader

Department Major Major Leader  Second Major Leader Email
AC Accountancy Mr. WONG Sunny Mr. WONG Sunny
EF Business Economics Dr. HAN Xu Dr. HAN Xu
EF Finance Prof. WANG Junbo Prof. WANG Junbo
IS Global Business Systems Management Dr. LI Xin Prof. MA Jian
IS Information Management Dr. XU David Prof. MA Jian
MGT Management Dr. KWAN Andy Dr. KWAN Andy
MKT Marketing Dr. FOK Vincent Dr. FOK Vincent
MS Business Analysis Dr. YEUNG Iris Dr. YUEN Sammy
MS Business Operations Management Dr. SHUM Stephen Dr. YUEN Sammy


Q. Do students need to defer studies?
A. As long as you follow a study plan and complete the courses accordingly, normally no deferral is required. You are advised to consult programme leaders in each department on your study plans.
Q. Will there be more available Major pairs?
A. The suggested pairs at the initial stage of double major implementation are to be reviewed annually and will be adjusted according to demand. 
Q. Can I participate if I am from an intake before 2018?
A. You cannot participate in the CB Double Major arrangement if you are from an intake before 2018. You have to fulfill the original curriculum requirement of your admitted year. However, if you have a strong interest in declaring a Second Major, you can apply through CityU Academic Regulations and Records Office (ARRO): http://www6.cityu.edu.hk/arro/content.asp?cid=329
Q. What is the difference between CB’s and ARRO’s Second Major declaration?
A. The CB Double Major application process is held in the summer time of Year 1 study. Whereas, the ARRO’s application process is held in Year 2 to Year 3 study.
Q. Can I apply under the BBA Double Major Arrangement if I am an ASI or ASII student?
A. No, the programme structures for ASI and ASII students are not feasible under this arrangement, but all students including these ASI and ASII students can declare a double major per University Guidelines.