Declaring a Second Major Through ARRO

Eligibility & Application Procedure

Students admitted to bachelor's degrees under the 4-year curriculum structure with a home major are eligible to apply for declaring a second major in accordance with the specified application periods.  Students are advised to peruse ARRO’s website Point to Note for Application before submitting your application.

Application Timeline

Two application rounds are open for each academic year.  Please click here to ARRO website for details.

Selection Criteria for Second Major in BBA programmes

Please contact respective departments for details of the selection criteria for second major.


Students are strongly recommended to consult the respective Major Leaders and Second Major Leaders in case of further inquiries.

Major Leader & Second Major Leader

Department Major Major Leader  Second Major Leader Email
AC Accountancy Mr. WONG Sunny Mr. WONG Sunny
EF Business Economics Dr. HAN Xu Dr. HAN Xu
EF Finance Prof. WANG Junbo Prof. WANG Junbo
IS Global Business Systems Management Dr. LI Xin Prof. MA Jian
IS Information Management Dr. XU David Prof. MA Jian
MGT Management Dr. KWAN Andy Dr. KWAN Andy
MKT Marketing Dr. FOK Vincent Dr. FOK Vincent
MS Business Analysis Dr. YEUNG Iris Dr. YUEN Sammy
MS Business Operations Management Dr. SHUM Stephen Dr. YUEN Sammy