College Elective Courses

(Cohort 2018)

The new BBA curriculum introduces College elective courses to broaden students’ perspectives, enhance students’ learning ability and enrich students’ interdisciplinary learning experiences.  Students are required to fulfil the College Elective requirements as follows:

Students College Requirement~~ College-specified Courses under GE Requirement Remarks
Normative 4-year curriculum 3 College Elective 
(9 credits)
3 College Electives 
(9 credits)
From at least three subject areas^
Advanced Standing I 3 College Elective 
(9 credits)
2 College Electives 
(6 credits)
From at least two subject areas^^
Advanced Standing II 3 College Elective 
(9 credits)
2 College Electives 
(6 credits)
From at least two subject areas^^

List of College Electives:

Subject Areas Course Code Course Title Offering Units
Area 1: Mathematics and Modeling CB2011 Solving Business Problems with Spreadsheet Modeling Management Sciences
MA1006 Calculus and Linear Algebra for Business ** Mathematics
Area 2: Programming and Technology CB2021 Big Data Management Information Systems
CB2022 Business Programming with Spreadsheet Information Systems
CB2023 Mobile Applications for Business Information Systems
CB3021 Business Discovery Methods Management Sciences and Marketing
CS1102 Introduction to Computer Studies Computer Science
Area 3: Law and Communications LW2903 Business and Law Law
CB3043 Business Case Analysis & Communication Management and Marketing
Area 4: Business (I) CB2041 Applications of Game Theory to Business Economics and Finance
CB3041 Financial Statement Analysis Accountancy
CB3042 China Business Environment Marketing
CB3044 Introduction to Financial Markets # Economics and Finance
CB3045 Advanced Seminar on Business Case Analysis Management Sciences and Information Systems
Area 5:
Business (II)
AC3202 Corporate Accounting I Accountancy
AC4321 Management Accounting Accountancy
EF3320 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Economics and Finance
EF3331 Asia-Pacific Capital Markets and Standards of Practice Economics and Finance
EF3441 Intermediate Macroeconomics Economics and Finance
EF3442 Intermediate Microeconomics Economics and Finance
IS2502 Social Media and Social Networks Information Systems
IS2505 E-Business Information Systems
IS4335 Data Visualization Information Systems
MGT4227 International Business Management 
MGT4307 People & HR Analytics Management 
MKT4629 Social Media Marketing Marketing
MKT4637 Event Marketing Marketing
MS3106 Simulation Management Sciences
MS3124 Global Supply Chain Management Management Sciences
MS3252 Regression Analysis Management Sciences

~~ For students declaring double major, 3 credits of College Elective (Area 1-4) and 6 credit units of College Elective (Area 5) will be exempted.

^ Among the 18 credits, 6 credits must be chosen from Area 5 of College Electives, and the remaining 12 credits must be from three areas of Areas 1 ~ 4 of College Electives.

^^ Among the 15 credits, 6 credits must be chosen from Area 5 of College Electives, and the remaining 9 credits must be from two areas of Areas 1 ~ 4 of College Electives.

** Students who wish to take a Minor in Mathematics should take note that they are required to fulfill the prerequisites of the required courses which include MA1200 and MA1201. MA1006 is an exclusive course of these two prerequisites. According to the Academic Regulations, students will be restricted from registration in a course when they have earned credit units for an exclusive course. In this connection, students should not have taken MA1006 before they declare a Minor in Mathematics. (

# CB3044 is an elective course offered to non-BBA Finance students.