Cohort 2016/17 - Normative 4-Year Study Plan

Students are required to complete the following six college required courses (18 credits) in their first year of study.

Year Sem Course
1 A Either Sem A /B
Introduction to Financial Accounting
Either Sem A /B
CB2601 Marketing
Either Sem A /B
(Note 2)
GE1401 University English or EAP (Note 1) Either Sem A /B
CHIN1001 University Chinese I
(Note 3)
B Either Sem A /B
Operations Management
Either Sem A /B
Either Sem A /B
Information Management
(Note 2)
GE2402 English for Business Communication or EAP
(Note 1)
2 A CB2402
(Note 4)
CB2101 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
(Note 4)
Business Statistics
(Note 4)
Major course Major course GE2402
English for Business Communication
(for students taken EAP)
B College Elective
(Note 5)
Either Sem A /B
Financial Management
Major course Minor 1
(Note 6)
(Note 2)
University English (for students taken EAP)
3 A College Elective
(Note 5)
Major Elective Major Elective Minor 2
(Note 6)
Chinese Civilization – History & Philosophy
B College Elective
(Note 5)
Major Elective Major Elective Minor 3
(Note 6)
(Note 2)
4 A College Elective
(Note 5)
Major Elective Major Elective Minor 4
(Note 6)
Major Elective  
B Either Sem A /B
Strategy and Policy
Major course Major course Minor 5
(Note 6)
Free Elective (Note 7)  

Minimum Credits Required

GE (21 CU): 4 GE courses + 3 College Electives
GE (9 CU): 2 ENGL + CCIV
College Requirement (27 CU): 8 College Core + 1 College Elective
Major Requirement (45 CU): 12 Major courses / major elective courses + 3 major courses required by College
Minor/Electives (15 CU): 5 courses
Free Elective (3 CU): 1 course
Min. Total (120 CU): 40 courses
Max. Allowable (144 CU): 48 courses

*CU = Credit Units


  1. English Language Requirement
    Students admitted with HKDSE English Level 3 or equivalent are required to complete two 3-credit unit EAP courses, EL0200A English for Academic Purposes 1* and EL0200B English for Academic Purposes 2”, prior to taking the 2 GE English courses (GE 1401 and GE2402).
    * Early Exit Arrangement
    Students who demonstrate that they have achieved a grade B or above in their overall course results for EL0200A will achieve 3 credits and also be considered to have satisfied the pre-requisite for entry to the GE English courses without needing to take EL0200B.  For details, please visit the website of University Language Requirements.

  2. Gateway Education Course Distributional Requirements (12 credit units from 3 areas, at least 3 credit units from each area)
    Area 1: Arts and Humanities
    Area 2: Study of Societies, Social and Business Organizations
    Area 3: Science and Technology
  3. Chinese Language Requirement
    Students scoring below Level 4 in HKDSE Chinese Language, or scoring below Grade D in HKALE AS-level Chinese Language and Culture are required to take a 3-credit unit course CHIN1001 University Chinese I.
  4. Major Courses Required by College
    Students are required to take 3 major courses required by the College.
  5. College Electives (12 credit units from 4 subject areas, with at least 3 credit units from 3 subject areas)
    Students are required to take 4 courses (12 credits) from the College elective list:
    • 3 college elective courses (9 credit units) are to fulfill the GE (College-specified courses) requirement; and
    • 1 college elective course (3 credit units) is to fulfill the College requirement
      Area 1: Mathematics and Modeling
      Area 2: Programming and Technology
      Area 3: Law
      Area 4: Business and Communications
  6. Minor / Elective requirement
    Students who do not choose a minor are required to take Elective courses.
  7. Free Elective Requirement
    The remaining credits are to fulfill the credit requirement for graduation, if so required.