Date 25 February 2016 (Thursday)
Time 6:30 - 8:30pm
Venue Room 14-222, Business Seminar Room, 14/F, Academic 3, CityU
Language Putonghua

Gobi March

Ms. WU Clare 吳青女士

Chief Executive Officer, Aon-COFCO Insurance Broker Co., Ltd.

[ Biography ]


The Gobi March is one of the world's top ten endurance race. Ms. Clare Wu was a participant in the Gobi March 2014 and has successfully completed her 250 km/7 day's foot race. She was required to finish walking 73km in one of the day. In her year of Gobi March, there were altogether 113 competitors representing more than 41 countries.

The Gobi March is a self-supported race which competitors must carry all mandatory items for seven days on their backs. The average backpack weighs 9 kilograms / 20 pounds. Water and tent are provided by the Committee.

  • 世界十大耐力賽事之一(250公里/7天)
  • 41個國家113個參賽者
  • 最長的一天距離為73 km
  • 自助式賽事,組委會僅提供冷熱水及供十個人住的大帳篷,參賽者要攜帶一切必備物品包括七天的食物等,人均背包重量達9公斤
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