Alumni-Student Career Mentoring Program


ISmart is the departmental student association responsible for organizing activities to benefit students in IS department. There are 3 main goals of ISmart:

  1. Networking - Provides chance to gain access to professionals, outstanding alumni
  2. Training - Develop soft skills, e.g. public speaking, event organization
  3. Communicating - Build up synergy and harmony in IS department

There are 6 different teams under ISmart, they are:

  • Admission - organize admission related activities, e.g. information day, interview, school visits
  • Student Advisor - guide CB year 1 students in adapting university life, e.g. welcome party, study workshop
  • Gathering - organize social gathering activities, e.g. BBQ, war game
  • Seminar - organize seminars and company visits, e.g. career talk, interview skills seminar, company talk
  • Workshop - organize workshops, e.g. wine tasting, table manner, career planning, resume preparation, business attire advising, professional mentoring
  • Promotion - design promotional materials and conduct online marketing, e.g. design booklet, posters, Facebook marketing, email marketing

Our motto: Study Smart! Play Smart! Work Smart!

Student Mentoring Scheme

With the Student Mentoring Scheme, the current senior students can help year 1 students through the transition from secondary to university education more smoothly and achieve their academic goals.

Current Activities:

  1. 1st Mentor-Mentee Gathering (August)
  2. IS Departmental Mentorship Gathering (Semester A)
  3. Christmas Party (Semester A)
  4. Mentorship Outing (Semester B)

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