Q1. What's the difference between program A and B?
Program A is for applicants who have no IT or IS background, while program B is for who has IT or IS background (i.e., having taken four courses related to information systems/information technology/computer science/E-commerce).
Q2. Can I apply for this programme if I have already had a master degree?
Yes, you can. No problem.
Q3. I have no undergraduate qualification in computer science/information systems or work experience in the field of IT. Can I apply for this programme?
Yes, you can. Please refer to Q1.
Q4. When should I start application if I want to apply for this programme?
We will process applications on a rolling basis. We encourage applicants submit the applications once the entrance requirements are satisfied. If you have significant changes in your application after you submit it, please notify Dr. Yulin Fang via email (ylfang@cityu.edu.hk).
Q5. What is the fee for application?
HK$ 300 per programme choice (on-line).
Q6. Does the programme require an interview for admission?
The program leaders may arrange interviews on a selective basis.
Q7. Are the courses in our program very technical?
Most courses have both technology and managerial focus. In recent years, we have students from other programs (particularly those without much IT or IS background) have been attending this programme and they have not encounter any limitations.
Q8. Can I complete the programme in 1 year by studying full-time?
Yes, it is possible to complete the program in 1-year provided you take 4 courses per semester and some courses in summer term. Many courses, however, are offered in the weekday evenings or Saturday afternoons and not during the day time.
Q9. How important is the class attendance?
We expect you to attend as many as possible all sessions of the courses you have registered for. In fact, most courses have an assessment component that requires active participation in classes.
Q10. Can I get the detailed syllabus of various courses in the programme?
The detailed syllabus is available at: http://eportal.cityu.edu.hk/bbcswebdav/institution/APPL/Programme/Current/MSBIS.htm


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