Faculty Achievements & Awards

  • 5 faculty members on the Stanford University’s list of top 2% (3 faculty members are in the top 1%) of the world’s most highly cited scientists
  • 1 AIS Sandra Slaughter Service Award
  • 1 AIS Award for Outstanding Contribution to IS Education
  • 2 AIS Fellow Awards
  • 2 AIS Early Career Award
  • 1 IFIP Outstanding Service Award
  • 1 Teaching Excellence Team Award from the University Grants Committee (UGC)
  • 12 CityU Teaching Excellence Awards
  • 2 RGC Early Career Awards
  • 2 CityU President's Award
  • 1 Outstanding Teaching Awards for Teaching Assistants
  • 4 College of Business Teaching Awards
  • 7 College of Business First-year Teaching Awards
  • 4 College of Business Research Excellence Awards
  • 4 College of Business PhD Student Research Excellence Awards
  • 5 College of Business PhD Student Teaching Excellence Awards

AIS Early Career Award


Dr David Xu received the AIS Early Career Award 2018


Dr Alvin Leung received the AIS Early Career Award 2017

AIS Fellow Awards


Professor Robert Davison received the AIS Fellow Award at the 2019 International Conference of Information Systems (ICIS)


Prof Choon Ling Sia was awarded the 2015 AIS Fellow Award by the Association for Information Systems (AIS).

Teaching Excellence Award from the University Grants Committee (UGC)

Dr Ron Kwok and a team of dedicated faculty and staff at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has received the 2017 Team Award for Teaching Excellence from the University Grants Committee (UGC) for the groundbreaking Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC).


CityU Teaching Excellence Awards

The Teaching Excellence Awards Scheme is an institutional level awards scheme that rewards excellence in teaching. Each year, the Quality Assurance Committee makes awards to about five outstanding teachers from the University. With exceptional performance, academic staff members from the Information Systems Department have won this award in 11 of 15 years.


2012-2013 Winner - Dr Ron Chi-Wai Kwok


I want to devote my second Teaching Excellence Award to all my students and colleagues who have provided me continuous support and encouragement during my days at CityU. Life, like mine, is full of ups and downs, and therefore, I wish our students can be life-long learners, never give up their chance to "be the best that they can be", and fully enjoy their life, no matter what!


2009-2010 Winner - Dr Raymond Y.K. Lau


The TEA is not my individual award; without the support from our colleagues and students, such an award is impossible! Especially thanks for the programme leader and the 11 students/alumni who have nominated me in this round of TEA.

I believe that a teacher's passion to help their students is the most important driving force to quality learning and teaching. With such a passion, good learning and teaching practices will emerge naturally. My learning and teaching philosophy is that learning always comes before teaching. Accordingly, the primarily role of a teacher is to act as a helper or facilitator to motivate students engaging in their self-discovery processes rather than trying to teach students to follow a specific model. As indicated by other colleagues, teaching and research inform each other. I'll continue to follow my passion to engage in both quality research and teaching in coming years.


2005-2006 Winner - Dr Ron Chi-Wai Kwok


I am very pleased to teach at CityU to contribute back to the place that educated me and provided me with great opportunities that I could hardly find in some other universities in Hong Kong. As a CityU alumnus, I understand quite well our first year students' complicated feelings, especially at the moment they receive the acceptance offer from CityU. It could be very happy, but could also be quite sad. From my experience, students' first semester experience at CityU is indeed critical to settle down these complicated feelings in general, and develop their future university life in particular. Therefore, I'd especially like to take this challenge to focus my teaching on these first year students, who mostly have transition problems in adjusting to university education, and need help and motivation to go through this important transformational period.


2004-2005 Winner - Dr Robert M Davison


I feel deeply honoured to have been nominated by my MBA students for the Teaching Excellence Award. When I look back over my 13 years of teaching, I am surprised how far I have come. There are no short cuts to excellent teaching, and no universal solutions either, though caring for one's students and learning with them are critical in my own view. Having a passion for teaching certainly helps a lot, as does a passion for research, since the two very often inform one another. Fundamentally, excellent teachers need to be able both to listen and to tell, both to integrate ideas and to facilitate discussion. I find it helpful to break up my class time into chunks of varying durations, with a variety of activities, some more formally structured, some more loosely organised, some with demonstrably appropriate answers or solutions, some where the main objective is to get students to explore a problem in all its richness and natural detail, where there is no pre-defined target, where the conversation between the students and myself is unpredictable. It is this variety of interaction opportunities that awakens students to the fun of learning, to unconscious learning by doing, and in turn, to andragogical excellence.


1998-1999 Winner - Dr Christian Wagner


RGC Early Career Awards


Dr Alvin Leung received “Early Career Award 2016” by the Research Grants Council in recognition of his outstanding research performance.


Dr Tong Yu received award from Early Career Scheme (ECS) 2015 by the Research Grants Council in recognition of her outstanding research performance.

The President’s Awards


Dr Alvin Leung received The President's Awards (TPAs) 2018

Outstanding Teaching Awards for Teaching Assistants


Mr. LI Shilei received “Outstanding Teaching Awards for Teaching Assistants 2018/19” issued by the Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies 


College of Business Teaching Excellence Awards


Dr Alvin Leung received college Teaching Excellence Award 2017


Dr Terence Cheung received college Teaching Excellence Award 2013


Dr Ron Kwok received college Teaching Excellence Award 2012